Residential Window Replacement and Window Installation Tips & Advice

A home’s windows may be the least noticed aspect of a home—that is until they are old and drafty. They let in sunlight and warmth to fill our homes. They keep us protected from the cold and rain so we can enjoy the view without feeling its unpleasant effects. Residential window installation may not seem as urgent as installing a new roof or a new furnace, but a window’s impact on a house is just as important as any of those systems.

It’s no secret, residential windows are a major investment. The average cost of window installation is just over $5,000. However, what you pay depends on where you live—new window installation can be as low as $2,500 or as high as $7,000 on average from one place to the next.

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Residential Window Installation

The Best Fenestration Solution For Residential Windows

Most American homeowners want to save money where they can — everyone loves a good deal. However, seeking a good value and getting something cheap is not the same thing. Not only do windows keep the elements out, but poorly installed, cheap windows along with old, broken down windows can let in all the undesirable things your windows were originally designed to keep out. Cutting corners on quality won’t save you money, however, it will cost you some in the long run.

A good, solid window that is installed properly not only protects your home from rain, wind, insects, and animals, it can also protect your home from human intruders. Going with the most inexpensive route or choosing to live with dilapidated windows can put you, your family, and your possessions at risk.

Residential Window Frame Options

Residential windows come in standard sizes from 3X4’ to 6X6’ for living room windows. Of course, windows can be made to order. This is more expensive but always an option when you have non-standard windows in your home.

Luckily, most of us can get away with factory-ready windows. Many of these windows are both economical and sturdy. Vinyl window sashes are relatively inexpensive and maintenance free. They will look great and work well for years. The downside? They are not as strong of a material as old-fashioned wood window sashes.

Wood frames are still a popular choice. And, they will do their job well for many, many years as long as they are maintained meticulously. Never fail to properly seal them—skipping this step will leave the wood open to the elements and rot.

In fact, wood window sashes may be your only choice of window frame if you live in a historic area with homeowner covenants making true-to-era wood frames mandatory.

Composite window frames are another good choice for your home. They combine the durability against the elements that aluminum offers with the energy-efficiency of wood. Composite windows wrap the wood core in an aluminum sheet. The cost of composite windows have a bigger price range than vinyl, but can be cost-effective and not necessarily more money.

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Energy Efficient Residential Windows: The U-factor

A U-factor of .30 or lower is considered very energy efficient. A U-factor on triple-hung windows can be as low as .15, making them a very cost-effective choice.

The U-Factor rating is a nationally recognized method of determining a window’s energy efficiency, which is monitored by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

The real price differences come from the U-factor and whether the window is single pane or double-hung. The lower the U-factor the higher the energy efficiency and the higher the initial costs. But a double-hung window can save you up to 24 percent off your energy bills in the winter and 18 percent in the summer. So, spending more initially will save you a nice bit of money over the years.

Residential Window Style Options

Large stationary windows

The U-factor rating is inclusive of the entire window: glazing, frame, and spacers. There are several different types of residential window styles that you can purchase and have installed.

  • Single Pane: one layer of glass—inexpensive but not energy efficient.
  • Double-hung: an operating window with two layers of stationary glass with a space between them to trap the heat and cold, making them energy efficient. This is the most common type of residential window.
  • Casement: hinged on the right or left, they open outward with a crank mechanism. This type of window can be tricky because windy days can turn an open casement window into a sail.
  • Awning: hinged at the top, they open outward to let in air. They can be installed above or below another style of window.
  • Picture: a large stationary window that usually goes ceiling to floor and covers a major portion of a wall. They do not open.
  • Transom: a narrow window that can either open to let in air or stay stationary. A transom window is mounted above a door or window to let in more light.
  • Slider: slides along a track horizontally past other windows. Sliders are most common in modern homes.
  • Stationary: they do not open and are very much like picture windows but typically smaller. Stationary windows can be customized to a homeowner’s wishes.
  • Bow/Bay: usually a series of three windows that bump out from the interior of a home, giving more living space. They are typically a combination of stationary windows and operating windows (windows that open).

The Best Residential Window Replacement and Window Installation Professionals

Whatever type of window you want to have installed in your home, finding a qualified, licensed, and insured window installer is the most important step in the process.

A poorly installed window will let moisture into your home, damaging the surrounding structure, usually going unnoticed until the harm it has caused is severe and costly.

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Window installation

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