Residential Flooring Installation Tips & Advice

One of the first things a person notices when walking into your home is your flooring. Is it gleaming and pristine or is it one step away from the dumpster? Dirty, mangled flooring makes a home look unkempt and even unhygienic. But, when it comes time to replace old flooring and install something new, what type of flooring material should you choose?

A home’s flooring choice is a huge part of its character and charm. And, that’s why picking the best flooring option for your home is so important. But, new flooring installation is more than what looks great, it’s also choosing the right type of flooring the fits your needs.

Residential flooring options can be broken down into eight different floor types. Click through for a rundown of the most common flooring found in U.S. homes. also offers financing options to make your new floors more affordable.

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