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Craig Rogers

Craig Rogers grew up "on the job site," literally. Before he started Kindergarten Craig tagged along with his father, Tom Rogers, owner of Rogers Construction.By the time Craig was 12 years old he had been introduced to every phase of new home construction. At home, as a part of his chore list, Craig was a handy helper as he and his brothers assisted their father complete weekend home improvement projects under the direction of the real boss, "mom."

The Rogers' boys, Jeff, Craig, and Patrick all worked for Rogers Construction during their high school and college years. All three boys earned college degrees paid for partly by their construction work with the company. After college, Craig and Patrick continued to work with their father and soon thereafter were added to the company as full-fledged licensed contractors and partners. 

After a few years, Craig changed careers (leaving the construction industry to utilizing his college degree) but continued to buy bare land to build spec homes. Occasionally, Craig would buy a fixer upper and flip it. 30 plus years later, Patrick owns a construction company and continues to enjoy a prosperous contracting career. Craig is a partner with a marketing firm in Southern Utah.

For 20 plus years, the Rogers' family were contractors, building entire subdivisions, apartment complexes, hotels, and various types of commercial buildings. Today, Craig Rogers still uses his construction and contracting experience, but now he assists contractors and construction companies to market their professional services to the local community.

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