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5 Kitchen pros near Saint Helens, OR

Warner Werings Stauffer Builders Inc

Marshall's Custom Remodeling LLC

- New Cabinets And Refacing (Design And Installation Included) - New Granite, Laminate, And Corian Countertops - Redesigned Interior Space - Electrical And Plumbing Work - Sheetrock And Painting - Floor Covering (Will Do Tile, Hardwood, Vinyl, Etc) - Removal And Installation Of Appliances And Cabinets - All Interior Trimwork -Stairs And Handrailing

All Phase Remodeling

kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and general remodeling, addtions

ARK Remodeling & Construction

Brad Marsh

There is nothing more exciting than bringing ugly old kitchens or bathrooms back to life, or complete homes for that matter, we just happen to really love doing kitchens and bathrooms. We are very hard to please and refuse to ever accept that 'good enough', is enough. "We have been in business for thirty five years and are family owned and"...blah, blah, blah, blah. Ever notice how every contractor with a truck load of tools always has the same story? We don't care, and neither should you. Construction is actually a complex proposition, and requires intelligence, execution, and concise planning. Doing something poorly for a long time is not a qualification, and sadly...90 percent of contractors, are barely average or worse, why do you think construction is number two, only behind used cars sales, for consumer complaints? If it's not perfect, it's not done. It really is that simple. If you want embellished fluff and rehearsed testimonials, you can find