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We will get your idea and enhance them into real functional and creative design, working with you from the concept to actual finish project. Each project is designed with the customer requirement in mind and giving that individual characteristic that would make your project unique in every aspect along with high quality finishes.


Mercela R.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

Es una exelente compania y muy confiable

Ray f.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

Good People, Professional and Clean Job , Thank you

Merijoyce A.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 2.0

Working with Habitat Design is a very similar experience to getting food poisoning. The meal looks good and appetizing, the price is right, it was good/ decent during and then afterwards you're in for a very uncomfortable and painful awakening. Then you're forever left with a bad taste in your mouth. This was me and my husband's experience with Ray. We actually met with his project manager Jeff and I actually found Jeff first as he was advertising. He met us right away, we did a walk through of our new home, told him the things we wanted, and he gave us valuable input and he actually has good style. 1 star is actually for Jeff. Even though he missed a few small details here and there because they were working so fast in a tight timeline they put for themselves, he was at least there every day, and tried to work with us and make things right. The 2nd star was mostly for how prompt they were able to start and how fast they worked to get everything completed. Working every day throughout holiday season and their workers were nice and thorough. They still finished later than projected, but honestly, that was forgiveable because we saw how hard they worked. I didn't know until it came time for proposals and contracts that Jeff actually worked for/with Ray under Habitat Design. I have heard of many horror stories where homeowners were gouged by change orders later on so I tried to be very specific in the contract of what we wanted. But somehow, Ray still got around that at our final walk through and payment. At our final walk through which is actually the first time I met him face to face, he shows me a sheet of 4 additional charges for our remodel. The first of 4 is something we discussed and I approved. But the other 3 were large amounts of charges that we did not approve prior to and after their execution of work: the additional backsplash, the additional recessed lights, and lighting in the living room that they "underestimated" the work. We tried to talk through it, and Ray called Jeff in. The other 2 more reasonable amounts Jeff tried to justify but the one that was over $1K in changes I could tell even Jeff was surprised about. Jeff ended up leaving and I called my husband since I only came alone thinking the final walk through was just going to be paying for the agreed upon contract amounts. Me and my husband both talked to him and he reasoned and threw out numbers and we tried to reason back. We had a respectful conversation but he wouldn't budge. He was persistent that we pay the full amount of changes we were not made aware of at the prices he was charging us. I had to get back to work and my husband finally told me, just pay it. We would find a way. And Jeff already left at this point. It was just me and Ray. When I finally took my checkbook, SUDDENLY he stopped me and said he FORGOT SOMETHING ELSE AND I NEEDED TO PAY an additional $800 for the hood they bought and installed. I was flabbergasted. He was asking for my pen to make this addition to his printed word document. And I couldn't even believe it. I called my husband and we all talked about it and he was like: "no you have to pay me. I bought it already." He saw how upset I was, I don't know how we would do this. And my husband tried to reason with him. And he finally agreed to go down $200 less. I was so upset I thought I would cry. Then I asked him again to please reconsider this sudden additional charge from the top of his head. And finally he came down $100 more. Me and my husband both just wanted it to be done. So I wrote it and he took all the checks and left. We are a young couple and worked hard to save up for our first home and updates we wanted to do. I feel like he took advantage of that. We paid everything, and I'm trying to look at the positives of our newly updated kitchen but I'm very upset. I hope this review helps others and Habitat Design to get written approvals on change orders before doing the work and forcing homeowners to pay the price for unapproved "additional expenses".

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