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Kelli R.
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We hired Kevin Wyant to replace the faucet in our kitchen. We wanted a faucet similar to what we had and looked at a few of them. We decided to let Kevin get one for us since he offered. When all was said and done, he charged us 50% more for the faucet than what we would have paid at Grover's on the bill. We paid him without saying anything about this deciding we would not use him again. 3 months later, the entire base of the faucet was moving all over the place. I called him back to come and look at it. It took him about three weeks but he finally showed up. He told us we had the wrong faucet that we needed a faucet meant for 1 hole but the one he (bought and) installed was meant for three wholes. So instead of getting the correct faucet or drilling additional holes, he just installed the wrong faucet. I told him I wanted it done right and that since he bought the faucet originally, he should replace the faucet with the correct one at no charge. He shrugged his shoulders and said that he would re-tightened the existing faucet and put some caulking around it. He also said he can't guarantee it won't get loose again. That is all he was willing to do! We are not happy!

Tyler H.
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My experience with Kevin is limited, but rather negative. He was hired by the previous owner of a recently purchased home to install a pilot light on a retro-fitted gas fireplace. Although awkward (the switch for the fireplace was a rotating knob inside the fireplace itself), it was functional. For the first three hours. The knob spontaneously broke with the fireplace still on, and all gas flow through the system stopped. After multiple calls and a voice mail, I finally was able to reach Kevin, who refused to fix the defective installation, insisting he was only doing the minimum amount necessary to bring it to code and there was no warranty. We do not anticipate using Riteway for any of our future plumbing needs, and you would be wise to follow suit.

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