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Full service plumbing, heating and cooling company providing service to all of Middlesex county. Service gas and oil heat. Air conditioners and heat pumps. Both residential and commercial plumbing.



Bobbi B.
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Long time former customer of Paradigm. We were always happy with their work. They installed our new Fisher and Paykel dishwasher last year, have done lots of our plumbing work, and work on our boiler. In 2014 they installed a gas powered hot water heater for us. This was not an inexpensive job, well over $2000, as they had to do piping and venting. We expected not to have to deal with any hot water issues for quite some time. We were saddened and surprised when that 4 year old water heater (normal use, 4 person residential home) bottomed out this past weekend. Thankfully, the tank itself was covered under manufacturer's warranty. We were told we did have to pay for labor, and to have a permit pulled. Labor charges to replace a defective water heater that died through no fault of our own, were 3 hours @ $140/hour and 1 hour @ $70 for a helper to deliver the new tank. So that's $490.00 out of pocket. Additionally, we were charged $300 for a "permit". I called our city clerk's permitting office. Maximum permit fee for the work we had done should have been $75.00; additionally no permit was ever pulled for the job. I understand the quality of the tank was beyond their control, and that the warranty didn't cover labor. Am I happy about that? No. But to charge us $300 for a $75.00 permit that was never even obtained? That's just wrong. They have our money. Unfortunately, they won't have any more of our business. We were looking at having them replace our entire heating system next summer, but we will hire someone else for that job. Expensive $840 lesson learned the hard way. editing to add that upon further investigation, the cost of the permit was actually more like $40.00 including application fee. The owner of the company is chalking up the $260 difference to "labor" to pull the permit. Our city is about 40K people, and I personally have never spent longer than 10 minutes there on ANY business. I'm sorry, but that is just wrong. It's a small city, and I used to work for a heating company. They charged us 8 times the cost of the permit. If that's not taking advantage of the customer, I don't know what is. I did receive the following follow up email from the owner after I told him I understood his position and I was sure he understood mine, and that no further contact was necessary: Hi Bobbi, Your permit has been pulled at $75 the rest of the charge is our labor to go and pull the permit and stand the inspection. We will need to have a code official go there and look at your system. I know you said not to contact you but the job will not be complete until we get you water heater seen by the code official and we will need to be there with the inspector of Concord. I appreciate your help in this matter. Please let me know how to proceed. Let us know when you are available for us to come out with the inspector to approve our install. Wishing you a better day,

Michael B.
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I want to thank Mike Smithe for being patient with me and my furnace issues. He is awesome and explained everything so I could understand what he was doing. I really do appreciate him and his great attitude!

Dotty D.
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I recently had my first experience with Paradigm Plumbing. It did not start off to well, but once I contacted the office, got the situation under control, it was quickly rectified. The work performed by Matt D was very professional and efficient. Time and money well spent. Thank you again for the courtesy you extended us and a job well done.

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