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Cheryl A.
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They came out today after waiting a week.  I was asleep when they showed because I had surgery and was very medicated.  They said bad capacitor and issue fixed.  Fell back asleep woke up in a sweat and started vomiting from heat-NO AC.  Called company, and they will not send anyone out til next Wednesday.  I am a senior female veteran who just had surgery and lives alone (so no help if I'm sick or need cold compress) AND paid to have my AC fixed. I am told It was working when he left so I go to the end of the line.  REALLY! This is the same dang day.  Heat is making me very ill and I have no option but to wait.  Shame on them, even if they don't care I just got out of hospital what about the fact they were paid to fix it and it's not fixed!.  UNBELIEVABLE

Rhonda P.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

HORRIFIC!!! I wish I could give this horrible company less than one star. I have been without AC for 6 weeks now. I had to move out of my home. The first visit was freon was installed which cost way too much money and lasted 24 hours. The second visit was nothing but a diagnostic visit that I needed evaporator coils. Two and half weeks later the parts arrive and get installed. Less than 24 hours later when still no cooling , I give them a call and they no longer service my area. A negotiation is reached between AHS and them that they will return to check the install. They are a no show. They claim the service request is cancelled even though I can see it on my account. AHS calls and they agree to come out. I call 12 times. They don't answer my calls. My husband calls and magically they pick up the phone and tell him the same lie even though on a 3 way they had agreed to come out. I spent $1000 with a home warranty at this company, Have had 6 weeks of no AC in June/July in Georgia, and the AC still doesn't work. Stay away from these people!!!! SHAME on OXFORD HEATING and AIR!!!!! DO NOT USE OR REFER!!!!!!!!!!! As an update: another company came within 24hours, diagnosed an OUTSIDE leak and repairs were done including ordering parts at no cost to me in about 26 hours all by another company!!!!!

All A.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

Quick and great service. Greg was knowledgeable and courteous.

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