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Arlington, TX

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John B.
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Warning, do not use this company. Theres a reason their website is 'gone'. Last June, these guys came by my neighborhood and seemed legit, as any of the other roofing vultures that circle after a hail storm. I got the deal set up and they came to start the job a few days later. No problem, yet. The salesman who was present hadn't been in the biz long and later I discovered my house was either his first deal or first in a short time. The crew however seemed knowledgable and worked ok. The bad side was that the guys busted our rain bucket while dumping out the rainwater and (washing their tools out in the bucket), then broke the bottom out of the bucket! I pointed it out and the sales guy said he'd 'take care of it'. There was a huge nail and felt mess the crew left, after FOUR days to complete a 1600 sq ft roof with a normal pitch. The houses next to me were done in 2 days and they cleaned their messes well. I was picking up nails, felt and trash the crew left for several WEEKS, as I discovered new chunks of this or that in the gardens, bushes and around the house. The last part is important. The gutters were damaged around ¾ of the house, so they hired some outsourced guys who seemed like cool folks and they were. However, the material was the cheap, badly primered/painted gutters that left vertical 'bleed trails' of some oily, runny darker stripes that didn't go away. So, I contacted (Paul), the main guy and he not only didn't respond to my emails, he finally texted and shunned us requesting our gutters be fixed.. Really? Is this a good business? They didn't but barely apologize for the rain bucket being busted and did NOT deduct that from the bill, and it was like pulling teeth to get them to cooperate with our insurance agent! I have emails with dates and indicated subject matter showing this company dodging timely responsibility, that wasn't exactly hard to begin with in my mind. Its their JOB. I responded with the fact that he, nor any of his guys have been out to my house to see for themselves the issue yet assumed -that he knew the problem and the solution was that "what you have is a maintenance item.The gutters are working properly and the (color is NOT fading) so its not a warranty issue, we cannot replace your gutters because they are DIRTY". So, there is a direct text quote from Mr Paul Caudillo, the manager of this operation, who hasn't even been back to my house to check to see that Im telling the truth. I will be contacting my attorney to see what we can do to solve this 'issue'. IF you value a good roofing company, it is NOT this one. -John B in Denton TX

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  • Security Gate Install
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Remodel/Home Improvement
  • Basement Remodel
  • Wood Stair Install
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