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Samantha L.
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I have called these people to ask about a roof, it took 2 weeks for any one to return my call to schedule a quote. I get that most business are busy but communication goes a long way. I decided for someone else that communicated way better.

Faith W.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

Jan 2018 I think even major OSHA violations while working on my roof, no safety equipment, I have a very tall second story, I was very worried about the roofers falling, they didn't provide scaffolding or any kind of fall system ropes, I asked them several x's they just said not to worry, but as a nurse I have had pts. paralyzed from a 10ft fall. So many issues I don't know where to start, first I paid them half the money up front. DONT EVER DO THAT, my mistake, they sent a crew unsupervised who instead of replacing 1inch thick running boards that should have been replaced they informed me they were just going to cover the boards with plywood, I asked them to call their supervisor it was Saturday & they said they did but he was too busy to come out, the boards had damage & should have been replaced, other issues related to that, we had an issue where the house connected I asked them to please not cover the roof until I saw what they did to repair it, they said ok, but covered the roof anyway with underlayment before I could see what they did, they informed me they had been in my attic & I said, how did you get in my attic, they didn't answer but apparently cut a hole in the running boards to get into my attic without my permission where I had things stored. We had completely replaced this roof 13 yrs ago down to the deck & had replaced a few board at that time, after they claimed they were finished with the roof, they tried to claim they removed two layers of shingles which was a blatant lie & charge me approx 1000 extra for that, the workers used my ladders the whole time & my big big ladder they took when they left, besides they caused a dip in the roof that I showed them that needed to be fixed I think from the hole they cut in the running boards, they said they would fix it but never came I asked them not to send the same crew as very unhappy with things they did, as well as taking my ladder, the thin plywood that was delivered did not match the 3/4 inch OSB on the second story, they said they were going to replace two sheets up front on top, since the thin plywood they used isn't the same as the thicker OSB it doesn't line up and was not acceptable & they admitted that too & said they would fix it but never did, the shingles do not go all the way to the house so there is exposed metal flashing that I have to have something done as water etc. , the workers left tons of debris at my back door where I couldn't let my dogs out to go potty for over 3, days, they never call to tell you when they are coming, using a magnet roller I had to pick up tons of nails, piles of them they didn't make an effort to remove out of the yard, the shingles don't meet the house, and metal flashing showing with a gap between the wall and shingles, they got tar on my paint, they put a hole in my stucco on both sides when they removed the bay window shingles & didn't cut the angle correctly on the bay windows poor workmanship, so many other issues related to the workers, had 17 sheets of plywood sent out & I stood and watched them cut most of them in half & take them away in their truck when they left, they also used 3 of them to raise the bed of their dump trailer higher. the owner I spoke with assured me they would fix it, they sent Gary out and he was nice & said "we have a lot of work left to do here, I would never have left a job like this" he assured me as well that they would fix it but I told him I did not want the same crew back & wanted to be sure someone would be here to supervise this job, he said we're going to fix it. I agree with many others here that these people do not stand behind their work, they don't supervise their workers or give them the proper equipment to do the job, try to chrg. for things they didn't use and didn't do. Horrible company beware! Still haven't fixed my roof. They won't fix mistakes, I have had other roofing co. now looking at it who are good and said very poor quality workmanship, my roof will leak. Sept. MD sent someone who apparently wasn't here to help me, making excuses, Do not hire MD

Carl S.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

They just finished my roof in Oviedo. Guys cleaned up all the nails with a magnet. Very hard working crew, but hey get there very early and work till dark. They finished my house in a day and a half. Inspector said they did a great job. Perfect timing for my husbands 50th birthday party. Great company and they work the insurance company to pay for ALL my damages. Highly recommended!

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