Luts John & Son

Madison, NJ

Bathroom • House Painting • Kitchen • Plumbing • Contractor • Remodel/Home Improvement

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We Specialize In Complete Bath Remodeling From Design To Final Painting. Our Installers Will Do Plumbing and Heating with Name Brand Material Formerly The Luts Paint Center; we are a family business that began in 1938 as a painting and contracting company. We then opened the Luts Paint Center, a complete paint and wall-covering store in 1977 and now joined with Steven Kopeski (Master Plumber), Son-in-law of James Luts (Grandson of John L. Luts Sr.- Founder), to form Luts Paint & Specialty Baths.

Services Offered

  • Shower/Tub
  • Bathroom Design
  • Bathroom Remodel
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House Painting
  • Wallpaper Repair
  • Ceiling Paint
  • Mural Paint
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  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Cabinetry
  • Kitchen Design
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  • Water Heater Repair
  • Shower/Tub
  • Sewer Main Replace
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Remodel/Home Improvement
  • Basement Remodel
  • Wood Stair Install
  • Wood Railing Install
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