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tadd p.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

Had been a customer for over 10 years even had them just put in a nice new unit a couple years ago. Then i called today to see about getting someone to come look at my a.c. unit that isn't working and was told it would be a week before they Could get to me. I have used them many times and never had this problem receptionist didn't even try to help or ask if I wanted someone to come out during emergency hours and pay the overtime then she just said good luck finding someone. Called 3 other companies and all 3 of them said they could have someone out today guess Stewart just lost a loyal customer.

David S.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

My usual HVAC man did not respond to my texts and voice mail and with the house at about 85 degrees, it was getting very uncomfortable for me (especially at night trying to sleep). So I researched companies in Lexington, looked at their reviews, came upon Stewart A/C, read their reviews, looked at the BBB rating, saw their discount coupon on their website and called at 8:15 AM and spoke with J. At 11:20 AM. Drew, their technician, pulled into my driveway. Drew was immediately friendly , courteous and efficient. He replaced the defective part, explained to me what the part's function was, showed me on his electronic devise the low capacity of the old part and the high capability of the new one. Now, the price is basically the same for the same part from another company with which I had worked previously and it took just a few minutes to replace. Drew also checked the discharge line from the inner unit, cleared it out and even shot a little Freon into my system at no charge. The total charge was $204 but I had paid much more than that to another company to do the very same thing years ago. So, if you think that this amount is too high, try sleeping in a room that is 85 degrees during the night and I think you will agree that it was a good deal. Got an A/C problem? Call Stewart, reference the discount coupon on their website and I think you will sleep easier tonight !!! Thanks J and Drew!!!

Brent T.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

Sent out a new technician who replaced every major part on the furnace and the problem still existed, after calling in and getting assistance replaced a $20 limit switch issue resolved. I was quoted $350 final bill ended up $570. If you want screwed give em a call. I will never do business with this company again. PS I have used your company for years , wrote a letter of dissatisfaction and included it with my overpayment, but never heard back. Great way to run a business.

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