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La Vista, NE

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Aka D.
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AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS. I hired them to hang slat wall at my game store located right off 120th and Center. They was two weeks out at the time so we set up an appointment on August 23rd 2013 for them to do the work at our game store. Two weeks past and Pete showed up to take an estimate on what the cost would be. He quoted me $700 which i thought was really over priced just to have 5 sheets of slat wall. I told him the price was fine and we could work, because i did not want to search for another construction company. He asked me if i could take the games down off the already existing slat wall so they could hop straight into it when they got there the next day. I said that's fine i could do that before i left the store that night. Which it would have only taken five minutes of my time. That night i had to run to my mothers home for a personal issue so i did not have an extra five minutes to take them down so I told myself I would take them down first thing In the morning when i got in around 10:00 when our store opens. The next day i received a phone call at 8:00 in the morning from Pete's employee Rick. Rick immediately cocked an attitude and asked me when i would get to the store. I told him i could send my roommate there to open the door no problem. He then got frustrated then hung up the phone. I sent my roommate Justin to the store to left Rick in. When Rick got inside he just stood there for ten minutes without working. I was watching him on my app off an Iphone. I then called him and told him he could get started and he could take down the brackets with the games in them as I did not have enough time to do it the night before because of an family situation. He responded and said "Okay, Ill get started." I then preceded to do my morning procedure and was getting ready to head to the store around 10:00. Ten minutes later my employee returned and told me he left with no reasoning. I called Rick and asked him what was going on? He answered and said "oh Pete didn't call you and told you?" I was like what are you talking about? He told me to call Pete. So i hung up the phone and tried to contact Pete. A lady answered the phone and told me he was not in... So i reached back out to Rick and told him Pete was not available. He said "oh Pete's in a meeting, but i left because of the games you didn't take down." I answered and said " you already know the situation that i had last night. He then said well it was Pete who told me to leave. Which is an lie because i sat there and watched him on the camera and all he did was stand there and look around at games. I tried to contact Pete again but the lady ignored my calls. Pete called me around 10:07 saying i was not responsible. I told him the situation with my mother and he blew it off not even caring about the situation. I then told him i was going to hire someone else who could do the job cheaper and not be lazy. He then cussed at my then discontinued the phone call. I then found some people downtown at store supply's who had there guys come by that same day and quoted me a cheaper price. They offered to hang ten slat walls for $650 which Diversified want $700 for only 5 slat walls. YOU BEEN WARNED!!!

Scott B.
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We have used Diversified Construction for several projects in our home over the past 10 years. Pete and his team have great ideas, and the work has always exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Diversified Construction for any home improvement project big or small!

Steve P.
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DIVERSIFIED CONSTRUCTION IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! We began working with Diversified over 13 years ago when they completely remodeled our basement. Since that time, we've used Pete and his crew for numerous additional remodeling projects and continue to use them any time we need any type of home repair. My wife and I are extremely particular and expect incredible customer service no matter what. Diversified has NEVER let us down. In fact, Pete and his crew's professionalism and quality of service exceeds our expectations each and every time. We wouldn't even consider using anyone else. I can't even begin to tell you how many times Pete has swung by our house late in the day just to fix a small item that he installed three or four years ago. Diversified's commitment to continued service after a project is complete is something we've just never seen before. They are the best. The bottom line is Diversified Construction cares about us. No matter how big or how small our project might be, Pete always makes us feel like we are incredibly important to him and his employees and subcontractors treat us the same way. We have referred Diversified Construction on to our neighbors and friends and always hear the same glowing remarks from them. If you are looking for a construction company for any type of home remodeling project, new construction or basic home repair, I would highly recommend that you contact Diversified Construction. The quality of their work is amazing and their commitment to service is second to none.

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  • Shower/Tub
  • Bathroom Design
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  • Carpet Install
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  • Grout Repair
  • Disposal
  • Hang LCD
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  • Fall Clean Up
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