Diamond Shine Detail

Santa Fe, NM

Air Duct Cleaning • Handyman • Heating and Cooling • Contractor • Drywall

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Coming from a work environment located in the Phoenix metropolitan. I gained a broad level of experience. All of the work is by hand, done with the safest product. Bio-degradable Natural chemicals, and of course the most concern for the customers personal desires on how they want there automobile to look. We understand everyone has a schedual to keep and that time is money. We will be on time if not early (given the Directions are correct) and have the detail started and finished according to the schedualed apointment time. (Detail time vairies on package purchased) The part of detailing I like the most is a hard question to ask. I don't have one particular thing. Detailing for me is more then just cleaning a car and making the customer like it. I treat every car as it were mine and even further more with the highest regard given that I'm making my living while working inside of one. I most all enjoy when the customer sees the finished product and is all smiles and are glowin

Services Offered

Air Duct Cleaning
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Vent Clean
  • Duct Clean
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  • Grout Repair
  • Disposal
  • Hang LCD
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Heating and Cooling
  • Central A/C Install
  • Central A/C Repair
  • Central Humidifier Install
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  • Tape and Sand Joints
  • Ceiling Water Damage Repair
  • Wall Water Damage Repair
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