Des Of Ga, LLC Since 1991

Atlanta, GA

Roofing • Home Inspection • Remodel/Home Improvement

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Very thorough, non-threatening (i.e. not an alarmist but calm over issues that may arise), get deep into the house-crawl spaces to attics. I prefer clients to follow me along during the insepction-in to the attic and crawl spaces (if applicable) so I can describe things/issues. I have been brought in to help find sources of water issues when others could not, thus especially good and finding water issues. I love inspecting homes-I feel like an explorer seeking out not only hazards but also the good things about homes. Since I have been inspecting since 1991, I have learned so much about homes and what issues are typically found for the age, style and location of the home-condo, townhome, commercial building, etc.

Services Offered

  • Metal Roof Paint
  • Asphalt Shingle Install
  • Asphalt Shingle Replace
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Home Inspection

Remodel/Home Improvement
  • Basement Remodel
  • Wood Stair Install
  • Wood Railing Install
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