Deonna Marie

Oklahoma City, OK

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DeonnaMarie (Deonna Marie Cattlege) is a classically trained singer with the ability to sing in several different languages and genre. She has performed all over the country as well as internationally. DeonnaMarie uses her knowledge, experience, and amazing ability to infatuate others with her emotion and vocal talent to connect to the world. She has had to recover from a vocal injury herself and that experience sparked a passion for vocal health. Through song and through teaching, DeonnaMarie raises awareness about vocal health and assists singers and speakers with protecting their instrument. DeonnaMarie (Deonna Marie Cattledge) has a true passion for being on stage and sharing her gift of song. Not only is she passionate about her own voice, she is also passionate about others as well. DeonnaMarie went through an injury that restricted her ability to sing for over two years. After recovering from her injury, DeonnaMarie learned the importance of creating awareness and provides her c

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Heating and Cooling
  • Central A/C Install
  • Central A/C Repair
  • Central Humidifier Install
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