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Nestor C.
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The worst place to order your door from! Extremely unprofesional. I placed the call since January and they showed up half an hour later to sign the contract and pay up front the full amount in cash. However, now its been 14 weeks since and they have still not installed my door that they promised would take no longer than 6 - 8 weeks. When I call to complain they promise to call back but never end up calling back. I have to constantly call them back just to get an update. They were quick to come pick up the cash but afterwards they will neglect you. Do not shop here, you will be dissatisfied with their lack of profesionalism!

Antonio H.
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DO NOT ORDER DOORS, I ordered doors the end of Feb this is May 30th still no doors, I was schedule a installation date for May 16th got a call from Pam saying the truck broke down on route to them and she will call me with another delivery day she never called, I was given a deliver date for May 24th after calling them back several times. so May 23 I had not received a phone call from anyone confirming, so I called the office but they were closed for the day, I then searched through my caller ID for the number for the salesman that called me to set up the delivery date. first no answer then he returned the call and when I told him what it was for he said we had a bad connection and he would call me right back, of course no call. I called the office the next morning and spoke with Pam to ask about the delivery she stated that I was not on the the schedule and could not give me any delivery date, and I would get a call once someone from the installation team gets in, of course no call again, I called the cell phone # and spoke with the salesman again he said he thought the delivery was for the next day and he would check once in the office, this time he did call me back only to tell me that they were sent the wrong doors and that he was very sorry and would proceed however I wanted and if I still wanted the doors it would take another week or so, I asked for my 1,000 deposit back and he agreed but I would have to wait until Tuesday the 29th because that was the only day the accountants were in the office however he couldn't promise because of the holiday and all on Monday but I would get a call, well no call so I called and spoke with Pam to Inquire about my refund and she said that she would have to check the folder and give me a call back, no call, I called back the next day and John answered the phone he said that he would let Pam know I called and she will call me back, no call back from her, called back and and waited until Pam spoke with me she said that I was suppose to get a call from Mr. Robert Bianco I asked when was he in the office the response was we are a home improvement company the are in and and out. still waiting for my refund.

Bill L.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

I going to save you some time: ***AVOID DEFENDER STEEL DOOR COMPANY AT ALL COSTS*** Period. But if you really need specifics, read the narrative below that I sent to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Chicago in the form of a formal complaint. My 82-year-old mother purchased services in the amount of $3784 (via Discover Card) with Defender Steel Door Co on 29 Aug 2017. This was to replace a door and window at her home. She sent a letter to cancel the entire transaction to Pam Hurel, Office Manager at Defender, on 30 Aug 2017 and was assured the full amount would be refunded to her Discover Card. When the refund had not been received, my mother filed a dispute with Discover which reversed the charges on 10 Oct 2017, but Defender counter disputed via PayPal, claiming the charge was legitimate; thus, Discover reinstated the charge on or about 21 Nov 2017. Unfortunately, during this time my mother suffered a series of medical issues that ultimately led to admittance to an Assited Living Facilty and thus did not respond to the counter dispute immediately.   On 6 Feb 2018, after I took over my mother’s financial affairs as her Power of Attorney and discovered the discrepancy, I contacted Pam directly where she explained PayPal made the counter dispute in error and that she would send a check to my mother within two and a half weeks. When the check had not been received I called Pam back on 5 and 7 Mar 2018 for an explanation. During those conversations Pam claimed their “Accounting Department” had sent check #11384 on 28 Feb 2018 and, since my mother had not yet received it, Pam was now placing a “stop payment” on #11384 and would issue a new check, #11405, in the amount of $3784. Pam summarized this in an email dated 7 Mar 2018 which I forwarded to Discover Card’s Billing Resolutions Department. Neither check was received. The last conversation I had with Defender was on 29 Mar 2018, a conference call between me, Pam and a Billing Resolutions Supervisor from Discover Card. During this RECORDED call Pam promised again to send the check along with an email providing shipping tracking information. Again no check. At this point it became apparent to me Defender Steel Door Co had ZERO intention of returning my mother’s money—money for services she legally canceled (within the 72-hour Right of Rescission window and in writing) and for services not rendered—as Defender (specifically Pam) flat out lied about issuing checks that were never received. It wasn’t until I got the BBB involved that Defender finally refunded the $3784 in a check dated 5 Apr 2018, more than SIX MONTHS after the refund was initiated. Again, AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. Additionally, I HIGHLY recommend researching Defender Steel Door Company’s history with the BBB (it is enlightening).

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