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Leander, TX

Property Maintenance

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I am there to see that the customer is happy! If fore some reason I have to order parts and will take a day or two, I have window units that I will install in your home for no cost. Just to insure that a homeowner can be comfortable in there own home.


Wendy W.
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We had an appointment set up for after 4. At 6 my husband called to see how much longer and make sure he was coming. He said said he was coming to our house next. Well he never showed and didn't answer when my husband called. Now we have to start over again with another company to get an appointment for our ac. If he didn't want or need our business he could have said so. Now we are on Day 3 of no ac in 96 degrees. I would not trust this company to do business with Update: My husband called him again the next day (against my better judgement) and he finally showed up $500 later said it was good to go for now. Well a couple hours later is was having the same problem so we called and he said he would come back. He never showed up again! He won't take our calls and won't call back! We ending up talking to someone else who has used him and found out they had the same experience and definitely said don't use him. His name is Shawn and can not be trusted or relied on. It's been 4 days dealing with him in almost 100 degrees! Stay away from this guy!

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Property Maintenance