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De Soto, IA

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Whether you call them Pole Barns, Pole Buildings, or simply large Storage Sheds, Cleary Building Corp. has perfected the manufacturing, delivery and construction of customized Pre-Engineered Structures. Since 1978, Cleary has been serving its Clients with our experienced sales and production personnel, delivering a stress-free design and build process. Our most popular building, the Energy Miser, has been protecting what our Clients value since the early 80's. Cleary Building Corp is proud to offer awe-inspiring Horse Barns and Arenas, attractive and functional Commercial Buildings, convenient Aircraft Buildings, efficient Freestall Barns and Livestock Construction, innovative sports facilities, endless residential and vacation home possibilities, community enhancing Park shelters and gazebos, and outstanding Toy Box buildings. With designs from simple to spectacular, Cleary will break the mold!



Donna C.
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In August I contacted Cleary Bros. To put up a car port and shelter over my handicap ramp . The gentleman that came out assured me they could build the car port and ramp cover for me and could have it done by the end of September. I waited for them to let me have the plans so I could go to the city for permits. We went back and forth about the plans and when I finally got them there was not enough information for the city to issue permits! When I next contacted them they informed me that the gentleman who had drawn up the first set of plans was no longer with the company ,they sent Dina out and it was determined that the building as designed would not work .Back to the drawing board , back and forth again and this morning12-12 I was told they would NOT be building the car port for me .I am so upset with the company as they had promised verbally to have it built before winter set in so now I have to start all over to find someone to build me a car port I was up front with them and I DO NOT Understand why it took so long for them to come to the decision not to build. I will say Dina tried hard to get things going but I guess I wasn’t important enough .She told me they will give me back my deposit but that does not make up for me not haveing my building by winter. I feel they didn’t find my project was worthy of their time so making a decision didn’t matter , I am a senior citizen and really wanted the shelter this year so I would have protection this winter. Dina tried hard to make it happen so I’m not putting any blame on her! I just wish they could have made a decision sooner. Donna Clink

Sean C.
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Had been shopping several building suppliers. Stopped in at the De Soto, IA store. Eventually got a quote and purchased the building we wanted. Took forever to get done and lots of problems, wrong color panels, electrical issues, concrete issues, etc. Still having issues with doors and windows and concrete. Found out manager and salesperson were fired. They were reporting as purchase materials only. New manager came and inspected, told us former manager and salesperson fired because they were erecting buildings but not reporting that to the company and keeping the money for construction. I was not the only one. He was going to help because we were ripped off. Now new manager gone, company will not stand behind the product. Says it is our problem and we have to pay for repairs. It was their employees I bought from, their employees who put it up. We have pictures of the crew doing it. Not my fault they were ripping off Cleary, but they refuse to help. Hearing this from others. NOT a reputable company when I have to be responsible for their employees who got caught doing this and fired. Don't buy from these idiots. OH!!!! Got a call from one of their VPs!!! Instead of trying to help with a solution, he threatened me with slander for telling the truth about what happened to me!!!! Now I really know what sort of company this is!!! They will not be doing my next building, and I will make sure anyone I know that is going to be doing a building will know what I am having to deal with. NOT a reputable company to do business with. As seen by their reply, they are not doing anything to cover for the fraudulent acts by their employees. They did this to several people in the area. They never made any offer to help other than what they most recent manager they dismissed as well, and he was going before he could help. I have found numerous complaints regarding this company online. They are the ones responsible for their employees actions and lies. I am turning everything over to my attorney and talking with the county attorney about their fraudulent actions. Checks were written as I was instructed by their employees.

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