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Zulu P.
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You will not find a more professional and honorable company in the area that treats everybody with integrity. Please read below as to why. Due to the recent windstorm that swept through the Baltimore-DC area I found several roof shingles in my driveway so there was possible roof damage. I could not confirm this so I wanted a roof inspection and then a repair if any damage. I called about 6-7 roofing companies and it was quickly obvious that there is lots of work out there since I could not reach anybody directly so I left messages for a call back. Most did not call back since I wanted an inspection first. Some that did call back wanted a fee for the usual "free inspection" and I was willing to pay just for that piece of mind that the roof will not leak during the next storm. Alexander from Christian Roofing called back as well and like everybody else in the area he was busy with confirmed serious roof damage BUT unlike every other roofer that I called his desire to help was very evident no matter how insignificant my problem was in the great scope of things. Again due to wide area damage his crews were very busy fixing serious roof damage but Alexander played roofing triage always returning my calls, reassuring he will honor his commitment before next storm. Never once did he mention cost for something he usually does FREE ( and in this situation I was willing to pay) unlike others that were taking advantage of the situation (obviously there was money to be made even for some thing that are usually free). After a long day that his crew had he had them come over for the FREE inspection which they did and found that my roof was sound but my neighbor's was not. The neighbor was not aware of the damage so we walked over I introduced the Christian crew and they went out of their way to fix it right there on the spot working way late in the day. It is little events like this that show the true intentions of people and their true nature. Thank you Alexander and Christian Roofing. Mario "the squeaky wheel" .

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  • Asphalt Shingle Install
  • Asphalt Shingle Replace
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