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AT Rodgers construction. LLC. We plan OUR projects to minimize disruption to your daily operations. We clean UP the work site after each DAY daily. We minimize noise during working hours. Every Rodgers construction. LLC employee and subcontractor assigned to your project will BE courteous and PROFESSIONAL. WORKMANSHIP – YOU GET the most experienced craftsmanship to perform the necessary projects with great accuracy and PERFECTIONISM. NEATNESS – we DO NOT smoke on JOB sites. We clean UP every DAY after completing tasks and without mess to your daily routines (LIVING). OUR construction experts possess advanced knowledge of every interior trade. Which helps US guide subcontractors to better performance and higher quality than other general contractors. We PRE qualify ALL subcontractors and vendors. OUR reputation for efficient project management. On time payments and a team oriented work environment means we always GET preferential service and attractive discounts from OUR subcontractors.



Josh B.
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Luke Rodgers defrauded us of thousands and he will defraud you too. Our project was to span 4-6 weeks. He spent our project money on other things, like personal debt and expenses from previous jobs (by his own admission). Then, he didn't have the money to buy the materials needed to finish this job. He told me he needed an advance on the contract. I never did get an answer for where our project money went and why he he didn't have a credit card for emergencies (unless it's maxed or canceled). Even worse, he wanted me to bypass his business checking account and make the check payable to his wife. Was his business checking account overdrafted? I never got an answer. I refused every request to pay more in advance. Later, he couldn't even purchase the required materials to complete our job. And he couldn't afford to replace the materials he destroyed through inexperience and incompetence. That's when he quit and ran off, defrauding us of quite a bit. He failed to properly pull permits with the county, in direct breach of his contract (this is the easiest to prove item in the lawsuit). But after quality of work below, it's easy to see why he wouldn't pull the permits. He attempted to use 2x4's as ceiling joists, which is against codes, for obvious reasons. It's dangerous to have 2x4's for ceiling joists in case someone tried to put weight on them in the attic. They can also sag under the weight of sheetrock. ---- He used improper plywood for the floor. Special plywood labeled flooring is intended for the floor. He tried to use 2x4's as floor joists, which aren't approved for floor weight loads. He hung 2 doors but one was way off level. The door will shut by itself when it's open (gravity plus being so far off level causes it to shut). Chunks are missing out of the door frame that won't be covered by the trim. He hung the other door properly but busted the side of it because he couldn't afford someone to help him. Somehow, he mismeasured the door frame openings for both doors. He framed in a bathroom. He started with one existing wall. A blank wall (starting out) has no angle or orientation--it's just a wall. He added 3 walls to form the room. He made the wall too long by 2 inches, so the walls don't meet with the tub. He framed every corner in the room, and none are 90 degree angles. He says he's a tile installer, but his tiling was terrible because he doesn't have a wet saw. To avoid making cuts, he didn't use grout in some places. He didn't use spacers, resulting in horrible grout lines. He tried to glue tile directly to the tub itself, which is a big no-no. His sheetrocking is terrible. Rather than shim the ceiling joists so they all matched up, he layed the sheetrock over uneven joists, making the joists protrude through the sheetrock. Then he said it wasn't his fault. Also, the sheetrock on complex angles (like a hip roof line) is terrible. Rather than crisp, sharp lines, his lines are wavy. One angle suddenly turned down, sloping toward the floor. But what makes him extremely dangerous is he uses project money to fund previous jobs and pay personal debt, which for him is becoming a ponzi scheme (where you need future clients to pay for previous clients). He's headed for serious trouble because a LLC or INC corporate structure won't shield someone from intentional financial fraud. I don't believe he set out to be a conman--I believe it happened out of financial necessity. We're suing him and filing complaints with the state and county. But getting this on record, in conjunction with complaints to the county, should help stop him from victimizing others. Near the end, he complained about our attitude and tone. But after someone has defrauded you of thousands of dollars and made a mess of your house, how "nice" should you expect someone to be? We all have our limits.

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