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Residential and Commercial air conditioning and heating service and replacement. HVAC Contractor in the Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, university and Huntersville areas. Established in 2011. Bauer Heating & Cooling, LLC started as and continues to operate as a HVAC service and replacement company that meets all state of NC requirements to legally operate. NC state license #31250.


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They replaced my girl friends heat pump & that part works great but when they replaced the furnace they pushed the supply plenum thru the floor & she was heating & cooling the crawl space. Bone head mistake & a rookie co.

chelsey b.
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We had our unit serviced about 5 months ago and we thought we were paying for them to service and clean it.... make sure everything was running good and working. Properly maintaining it (we thought). We know that anything can happen and it can break the next day etc. But that’s why we paid almost 500.00 to have it cleaned and serviced (meaning checking all the parts and making sure everything was looking good). Anyway fast forward to now. We have a massive flood situation and water damage in our closet, the kitchen floor is coming up, the laundry room grout around the tile is wet and coming up. I called Bauer to explain that the “drain hose” coming from the tray where the condensation runs off was clogged. We thought that would have been taken off and cleaned as well along with everything else that was being “cleaned and serviced”. But he told me that it wasn’t summer time so that wasn’t even looked at. Even if the air condintiong isn’t running, you can pull off a tiny part and make sure it’s cleaned and clear. Also blow air through that pipe to make sure it isn’t clogged. It’s very unfortunate that none of that was even looked at when we thought we were paying the almost 500.00 to have everything “the whole system” serviced and cleaned etc (as anyone would think). Anyway very disappointed. Also when I called and explained all of this they didn’t seem to care and said that they were “swamped today and didn’t know if someone could even come out”. Wouldn’t you think since there is extensive damage to our house and flooding that they would make this a priority to “fit into their swamped schedule”. Very sad situation. They need to be more clear on what people are actually paying for. When you think you’re paying for a service and cleaning of your entire unit (trying to do everything you can to make sure you’re keeping up on it etc) that a simple drain pipe would have been looked at, cleaned and serviced if it was backed up. But he advised me that it wasn’t even looked at because it wasn’t summer time. Again very disappointing that something so small caused all of this when we thought we were doing everything we could to keep up on our system. We didn’t care about paying the money because we thought it was a good investment keeping up and getting our whole system cleaned and serviced.

Kyle G.
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Good quality work. If you don't like something they will change it

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