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Savage, MN

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Mark B.
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J D.
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We had a very simple roof repair to have done. All we needed was to have two shingles glued down. When Stewart came out to give us a quote, He told us that it would be $350.00 just to get a guy on the roof (insurance reasons) and an additional $25.00 to purchase a box of shingles from his warehouse a total of $375.00.. We did not need shingles, but he said they always get a box, so they come prepared. He even showed me the color of shingles he would need to buy to match the roof. So he verbally told me that would add $25.00 on to the price. He told us that the roof could be done within 3 days after he received 1/3 down. We sent him the check, a week went by and I called. He said they were coming out today. I waited all day...nothing. I called him and he was shocked the crew did not make it out. He was going to call and check what happened. 3 days later I called him, because he never called me back. Again, Stewart said he will check on it. Days went by and I called his boss. His boss told me that they never come out within 3 days, and that we are on the books to be scheduled within 2 weeks. I told the boss I wish Stewart would have told me this, so I would have had that information. When the crew came out, it took them less than 5 mins to do the work. When the work was done Stewart came so he could collect the rest of the payment. I told him they never left me the $25.00 box of shingles, so I would like the box,or $25.00 off my bill. He said... What are you talking about, I don't see anything about a box of shingles written on the quote, do you? . I asked him if he remembers our conversation and him showing me the shingles in the back of his car. He looked right at me and said...I don't know what your talking about, if I didn't write it in the quote then you were not charged for it. I then asked him what the crew would have done in the event the shingles could not have been glued down, but had to be replaced. He shrugged his shoulders and said, It's not on the quote. I said you don't remember telling me $350 just to get on the roof and $25.00 for the shingles?? He then just looked at me, and waited for the check. Stewart lied right to my face about the $25.00 box of shingles. It's not about the money, I was totally lied to!! Another thing that should have been a red flag before we used this company. When Stewart was looking at the roof and explaining to me what costs would be and what materials would needed to be used, my TEENAGE neighbor walked outside to mow lawn. Stewart stopped mid sentence and made some sort of cat called toward her. I was embarrassed and he saw the expression on my face, and he did apologize......but COME ON!!! His boss I think his name was Rob, was very nice on the phone and apologized about the 3 day mix up. The work was done, and seems to be good. But I will never use this company (and we bought a new house that needs a new roof) and will tell my experience to anyone who asks about needing roof.

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