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Elaine H.
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Horrible service and unprofessional! Installed a new pasture waterer for my horse facility. The concrete slab they installed it on is now sinking and causing the waterer to leak constantly. The water is now a huge mud puddle and starting to impact the shelter that sits by it. Asked them to come fix it about a month and half ago and they basically told me they are too busy and will get here whenever they far NO ONE HAS SHOWN UP! They had no problem cashing the check but cannot fix what they have installed incorrectly. Filing claim with the BBB as well as a complaint with El Paso County building department about all of this. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They will never fix what they screw up and they will blow you off after they get your money....

jennifer a.
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Horrible experience. Very unprofessional and not very knowledgeable. We had them install AC and he completely destroyed our furnace during installing to the point that I had to buy a new furnace. He failed the inspection (no surprise) after about 6 months of asking him to schedule it and him missing appts. We finally had to get the building inspector involved for him to fix everything. At the end, I still had to call another guy to fix all the stuff he messed up- $1800 worth of damage. The other guy also informed me that he charged way over what he would have charged for AC installation.

V V.
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I wish I could give Negative Stars!! The brand new energy star heating system installed in my home by Amen plumbing has had more issues than I have room to write. I wouldn't even want them to come back, nor would I would Never let them in my home again. Two pipes, a year after installatin are leaking. My valve pressure release already needed to be replaced. I had to drill a whole in my wall for "the constant leaking that is created by the collection of condensation from the Major Pipes that were installed at an incorrect angle can only be corrected if the entire unit is removed and reinstalled correctly." The second and third professionals I had look at the system both said the exact same thing. The lowest priced, they may be, but also the worst quality of work I or other professionals have ever seen. Unprofessional does not even begin to describe the woman owner that dotes the worst Customer Service, I have Ever encountered. These people are anything but Holy.

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