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Gideon P.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

Lit fam they did a hella good job

Chelsea W.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

So a few years ago we replaced all of the windows in the house. Usually I'm great about getting second and third opinions even after extensive research but this was amidst a lot of things going on. I'd just lost my mom, we were transitioning from Nellis AFB to here, I was pregnant with my 2nd and I was cleaning out my parents things. So I chose Amazing Siding and Windows located in Dallas. The sales guy wheeled and dealed us.. told us he had also just gotten out of the military and was "going to cut us a deal".. military to military type thing. "Such a good deal that he was giving us stock price and not making a penny". (Yea, yea I know 🙄)The windows were crazy expensive (once again, my own fault for not educating myself). Moving forward to the installation. They did it quickly, in a day or two and they disposed of the old windows and material. The installation was *horribly* done. Chunks of plaster missing, the seals are really uneven and you could see the gaps. While they did remove and dispose of the old windows, they left metal shards and nails EVERYWHERE. All in our grass where the dogs and kids play and in the middle of the street. They assured me several times upon signing the contracts that they were very careful to avoid leaving anything like this at the job site. My grandmother brought in 12 nails from the street a few days after the job had been completed. So fast forwarding, again, I didn't feel the windows were very insulated because the house was much warmer and colder through the seasons. (Again, my problem for not researching) They have a lifetime warranty so I felt like I would be protected should any issues arise. So I call them to see if someone can come check the seals and gaps. I call again a few weeks later after not hearing back. Then again the following week. Then a few days later. So finally after 6-7 weeks of no communication I leave a "stern" message and hear back a few days later. A gentleman comes out to check everything and assures me everything looks in tip top shape. One of our large windows cracks so I call to have them come out and inspect so they can replace. Once again, many calls and weeks go by without communication. Not as many as before but.. still enough. Moving forward to the last year... In late spring/early summer I called to have them come out to inspect a window that I think is leaking. The windowsill wood is swollen and the paint is peeling. Again, more than a few calls to hear back.. The same gentleman comes out and agrees it needs to be replaced. He also comes to measure a screen we need installed. A month or two passes by (Yes I said *month[S]*) and I finally see the same gentleman outside replacing the screen. He did tell me that it may be a bit since this was during all of those bad storms) AGAIN, moving forward to TODAY... (Still no communication regarding the window they came out to inspect months ago) I'm walking around to open the windows for fresh air and I'm noticing that *every single one* has swollen wood, cracked and peeling paint along with black stuff in the corners. (Ugh🙈) If you've made it though this novel I commend you. TLDR- don't ever use Amazing Siding and Windows in Dallas. Horrible communication, high cost/low quality windows, poor installation resulting in leaks and cracked glass...need I go on?

T C.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 2.0

There is little that is Amazing about this company when it comes to window installation. I rarely write negative reviews about any company has to be bad for me to do so. I'm sure others have had better experiences with them or they would NOT be in business. Here are my biggest gripes: Their communication is VERY POOR ...that goes from the point of sale, follow-up before installation, as well as the installation "team." The installation team that came to my home did not know how to communicate and certainly not in a timely manner! They came to replace 10 windows and showed up late and unprepared. After being at our home for 30 minutes they asked if I had a LP tank for their torch because their tank was out of fuel -- so they left to go to Home Depot to pick-up another tank. And may I ask: what type of (outdoor) workers show up without any water I supplied them with cold bottled water all day (not a big deal, but really?). They came without enough material to finish the outside trim, so they could not finish the same day that I was told it would take (unless weather related). They told me they would return mid afternoon on the following day. Well after hanging around most of the afternoon waiting on them and after calling to find out when they would return ...I finally heard back, but not until 6:15pm. And that was to let me know they would not be able to return until the next day. I had also called the main number so that "mgt" could inform the installation team that before they returned to trim out the windows that they would need to adjust a window that was not installed properly. That was not relayed to the installation team. So the next day I was at my house from 10:30am until 4:00pm and they never showed ...even though I had initiated communication with them and they said they were on the way (several times). They did come out sometime that evening (but my wife and I had to leave around 4pm) and called me to let me know they had finished sometime after 7pm. Finished? Not really - as they had not cleaned the windows (inside or outside) - they never did. Nor did they do a very good job in cleaning up after themselves (dirt on window seals, dirt on carpet, paint chipped around installation area, etc. and they did not help re-hang drapes on the first day they were inside our house. I was the one that cleaned the windows, reattached all fixtures for drapes and mini-blinds, cleaned and painted where they chipped it off. THIS particular installation team for (not so) Amazing was unprofessional and Mgt does not communicate effectively with their people in the field. As mentioned one window was installed improperly and had to be adjusted, and another window (sash) had to replaced because it was broken when installed ...both were taken care of by the only man that I feel represents Amazing with pride. Thank you John! He finally finished the job and all looks good, but oh man what a headache it was to deal with this company! As I told John, I cannot recommend Amazing Siding & Windows for the reasons above. If you're going to pay 8K+ for 10 windows ...I suggest you look elsewhere. I know you can a better company that will provide appropriate and timely communication and actually do what they say they will do. I honestly feel that I PAID way too much to have them install my windows.

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