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Ellenburg Center, NY

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Matt R.
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DO NOT use this business or hire David Morin. In May 2014 I hired him to replace my boiler and paid him half down, $2100. He cashed the check, and kept delaying the installation date. I took off multiple days from work waiting for him to show up, and he never did. I finally filed a police report and he was arrested for grand larceny in December 2014.

Nicholas P.
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Our Monitor Heater broke down three days in a row and Dave Morin from Absolute Answers Plumbing and Heating worked on it two days and on the third I got a second opinion. Dave Morin flat out lied about services rendered and didn't provide services I paid for. I have pictures to prove he didn't render the services such as cleaning the burner, changing the filter at the tank, and he replaced a combustion ring around the monitor heater flame without cleaning the burner pot and when removed by another company the ring was filthy one day later. The machine was so filthy to the point of being unethical to leave it that dirty. On the phone Dave Morin told me he replaced the filter at the tank, then he asked his co-worker if he changed it and I have pictures of it being encased in ice so their is no way he replaced it. After taking pictures and when I had another professional here I called Dave Morin and he told me he doesn't have time for this f'in sh!.... This guy blatantly lied to me and I have pictures to prove he is a crook. The fact that he lied about what he did is upsetting. It is unethical and dangerous to mess around with a fuel line and fuel-led heater if you don't know about it. Dave came out two days in a row and it still wasn't fixed. On the third day he said he would have to charge me again for coming out. I paid $170 the first day and had to call him the next morning when the heater was registering the same error message that was supposed to be fixed the first day. Dave charged me another $243 day 2. On day three when another professional was here and took the machine apart and checked the filter it was a fact he ripped me off and I have pictures to prove it and the testimony of another professional (Jays Monitor Heating) who will give testimony if wanted. I paid $172.80 on January 22, 2014 and another $243.00 on January 23, 2014. On the 23rd he replaced a combustion ring which was priced accurately at $125.00 but when pulled out by another professional on January 24, 2014 it was already caked with soot and charred because the chamber wasn't cleaned and again I have pictures to prove it. In the end it is not about the money but to lie to an unknowing customer is unethical especially when the temp is getting down to minus 20 degrees at night. Also Dave told us that his employee Thomas D. had warrants out for his arrest and was in handcuffs at the trooper barracks the morning he brought him into our home.

Tracy C.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

Hired Dave a few times to come and get the roots out of my line. He came quick, did the job, got paid and went on his way. He charged a lot less than the company I had used previously so I left my first business review and it was a good one. This is my second review. A trust was built up and we decided to hire him to dig up the septic line and put a new pipe in as he recommended. Here's where things get bad. He asked for $1000 down which we gave him immediately, and I understand it’s necessary for supplies etc. Over the next 3 weeks plus Dave repeatedly gave us dates in which he would start, not show up, then when he would finally reply to our calls he would promise to be there another date... this happened over and over to where it finally turned in to every day he would say he would be there tomorrow. Tomorrow would come and he would give excuse after excuse - many confirmed lies, the rest assumed lies. He is charming and you will believe him over the others who have left reviews such as my initial one. Please take my word for it- the stress he has caused myself and my husband with his constant delays, no shows, and excuses wouldn’t have been worth it even if he ever actually did the job or if we had agreed to let him do it at the discount he promised after telling us he would be here when he was actually on a vacation in Florida. The lies and stories are astounding – you would think I was making them up just because I’m so disappointed and upset with him. We have now moved on to phase two of this torture- trying to get our money back. We asked for it back on Thursday, said he would give it to us Friday. Friday he said he would give it to us Saturday. Saturday he said he would give it to us Sunday. Sunday he had yet another excuse but swore he would be here Monday. We let him know that we would be going to the authorities Monday if he didn’t show up again. Well he did show up Monday. He gave us a bad check. We let him know we contacted the D.A. and we knew he was guilty of fraud, grand larceny, and a felony for writing a bad check. Finally he paid us back in cash. Absolute nightmare of an experience.

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