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Dayton, OH

Bathroom • Plumbing • Water Heaters

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Residential & Commercial Plumbing, Installations, Repair, Replacement & Remodeling -Toilets, Lavatories, Sinks, Water Heaters, Water Softeners, Drain Cleaning, Tub, Shower Stall & Faucets.



Julie S.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

The most delightful people to deal with. What a pmeasure to deal woth people that talk to u like a psrson instead of a dollar sign. I will diffently use them again

Richard T.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5.0

Drew (a.k.a. Andy) was here on time and was in a nice, happy mood, ready to get to work. And work, he did! He got underway in a flash and just plain got the job done. Wish more folks were so prompt and so good at their profession!

Sarah W.
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0

I asked them to come see about a clogged drain. Jerry quoted $2-3000 to fix busted pipe under basement floor. He didn't even look at the second issue we called about. Fine, I scheduled the work. Two days later I get a written request for a deposit. Fine. I call the office the following day. First words out of the office manager's mouth, "where's our deposit?". I was flabbergasted. "I was just calling to give you that. I just got the notice yesterday evening." "We can't do it when we scheduled anyway." She named a time I couldn't do. I named a time two weeks later. "But you don't have a drain. What are you going to do?" "Find someone else to do the job is what I'm going to do!" And find someone else I did. I went with another company who ended up costing half as much, was ten times as professional, and who showed up when they said they would. Stay away!

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Services Offered

  • Shower/Tub
  • Bathroom Design
  • Bathroom Remodel
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  • Water Heater Repair
  • Shower/Tub
  • Sewer Main Replace
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Water Heaters
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Water Heater Install
  • Shower Heat