Why Tuckpointing Brick Is Important

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Scott Kirschner

Feb 26

Tuckpointing brick is important for preserving the integrity of any structure that it supports. Contrary to what many people believe, brick is not an invincible piece of masonry. Simply, tuckpointing is the process of removing and replacing damaged motar between bricks or other stone mansory. 

In fact, brick structures take some work to preserve over time. If brick is incorporated into the structure of your home, you want to make sure that you are tuckpointing the brick. In this post, we’ll discuss what exactly tuckpointing brick means and the various benefits of this aspect of masonry.

Learn how to keep your masonry in great shape through this article. Tuckpointing your home’s brick will allow you to enjoy your chimney and fireplace for years to come — without significant cost. 

Continue reading to further educate yourself on this important aspect of mason work. You’ll save yourself time and money in the long run!

Benefits of Tuckpointing as a Homeowner

The benefits of tuckpointing brick are plentiful. Here is a list of reasons why you want to make sure you tuckpoint your masonry:

  • Weakened mortar joints will stop corroding.
  • You prevent a chimney collapse or structural warping problems.
  • Moisture is kept out of the chimney, and therefore mold and mildew risk is mitigated.
  • It’s preventative maintenance, which means you avoid costly demolition and re-builds.
  • The aesthetic is maintained.
  • There is a positive impact on your home value.

How Does Tuckpointing Brick Work?

Tuckpointing brick is not a complicated process. It’s actually quite simple, and you can often do it yourself. We’ll explain how a bricklayer will tuckpoint brick to help a homeowner maintain the structure of their home.

The first step in tuckpointing is preparation. You must prepare red mortar. This is what is going to help reinforce the brick. The second is removing the old, weakened mortar from between the bricks. This will make room for new mortar to be tuckpointed—or inserted—in between the bricks.

Please note this needs to be completed in a consistent fashion. Meaning, the depth of routing or grounding should be the same between all bricks. This will make for consistent stabilization and longevity.

Next, you must form grooves in between the bricks. This involves taking out thin strips from the mortar. Finally, you must match the color of the original mortar by filling in those grooves with the original mortar color. This will make everything appear uniform.

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Feb 26

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