Top Siding Ideas & Trends of 2018

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Scott Kirschner

Jul 11

Are you a home remodeling professional looking for new siding ideas for your clients? We’ve got you covered.

At, we are always trying to help experts work better. In this article, we will show you the top four siding ideas and trends of 2018. We will also show you how you can get more house remodeling leads for you to apply these new siding ideas.

4 Home Siding Ideas for 2018

Siding Idea #1: Textures

One of the major siding ideas and trends of the year is the use of multiple textures. We’ve seen this in previous years, but it appears it is more important than ever!

The availability of self-patterned textures is becoming more prevalent in lap sidings.

Self-patterned lap sidings allow both homeowners and contractors to transform the typically traditional—and rather boring—exterior of a house into a more textural and creative presence.

Siding Idea #2: Neutral Colors

Every year, the most trendy siding ideas are based on colors.

In 2018, the preferred options are neutral colors. This is due to the new trend of purposely opting for natural finishes for home exteriors. The combination of clear and natural finishes in woods, cement, and ceramics with the neutral colors of the sidings will add a harmonious ambiance to remodeled houses.

However, some of your clients may not be too keen on having neutral colors and might choose more intense ones. In that case, try to convince them to try the third siding idea on our list.

Siding Idea #3: Lights & Darks

The siding ideas we’ve seen in previous years didn’t combine many colors. This has certainly changed in 2018.

One of the most popular siding trends of the year is the mixture of lights and darks. The combination of light and dark colors creates three-dimensional effects in typically flat home exteriors.

When deciding which sidings should be light and which should be dark, talk to your clients about the importance of depth for the darks. On the flip side, discuss the importance of using light colors for highlighting purposes.

Siding Idea #4: Blends

The last siding idea on our list is the use of blends. Try to combine texture, neutral colors, and lights and darks, in order to create more rustic looks.

Blends of different sidings will make your clients’ houses stand out. However, make sure you only suggest blends of siding ideas they are fond of. Otherwise, the result could end up being too frivolous.

Apply Your Siding Ideas to New Clients

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Jul 11

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