Tips for Stepping Up Your HVAC Marketing

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Scott Kirschner

Feb 5

If you’re looking to step up your HVAC marketing, there’s no better day to start than today.

Just by researching this topic, you’re on a path to greater success. We bet that many of your competitors have not taken this initiative that you have. This means you’re about to get a leg up.

Continue reading to learn three solid tips for setting up your HVAC marketing to keep your business on a growth trajectory.

3 Tips For Stepping Up Your HVAC Marketing

1. Ask For Referrals

If you’re interested in learning the number one way to step up your HVAC marketing, it’s by asking for referrals. Referrals are the best way to keep your business growing.

However, you can’t always expect your customers to proactively recommend your business to their friends and family. This means you should take initiative and let them know you always appreciate referrals. At the end of each project, thank your customer and remind them that your business relies on referrals.

This way, they’ll keep you in mind as a recommendation if any of their friends or family members are in need of heating, ventilation or air conditioning services.

2. Make Your Business Cards Work For You

Business cards are undoubtedly one of the simplest ways you can step up your HVAC marketing. If you don’t already have business cards, create them. You can read our tips on what to include on your HVAC business cards.

If you already have business cards, you should make them work harder for you. But what exactly do we mean by this?

Your business cards should not only act as contact cards. They should act as HVAC marketing material to help your business grow faster. One way to turn these cards into little money-making machines is by including a referral incentive on the back.

For example, you can add messaging that tells customers that if they refer a friend, they both get X% off their next service.

This gives customers a reason to keep your business card on hand and to proactively refer their friends and family members to your business.

3. Get Free Leads from

One of the most effective, low-cost ways to step up your HVAC marketing is by using is the best way to get free leads for your HVAC business.

When you sign up as an HVAC pro on service for free, local residents can find your business online. This means free leads, plus many more benefits to you including the following:

  • Smooth projects
  • Easy customer communication via instant messenger
  • Convenient online payments
  • Dispute resolution assistance

Plus, you will receive a personalized URL that leads to your business page on the website. You can then print the URL on your own business card, having it act as your “own” business web page to further step up your HVAC marketing.

Sign up for today for free and watch your business thrive.


The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Feb 5

Being the Marketing Director at Scott works on automation for e-commerce as well as creative design. In his free time Scott plays in several bands around Detroit, MI. He enjoys backpacking through the outdoors and traveling across the world.