The Difference Between Lead Generation Platforms

Picking the best lead generation platform as your ally is the perfect step in the right direction.

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Rachel Polant

Jan 6

One Lead Generation Platform Is Not Like the Other

Making big decisions is part of the job when you’re a home-service business owner, and the stress of knowing the success of your company rests on your ability to make the correct decision is no small thing. Picking the best lead generation platform as your ally is the perfect step in the right direction. 

Many company owners in the home service industry use lead generation companies, e.g., Angie’s list, Homeadvisor, Thumbtack, and, as part of their game plan to help themselves build a better business.

Why partnering with a lead generation site is beneficial to your business

But, knowing which site to partner with is crucial, as the market has its fair share of them at your disposal. Having a strong online presence is more important than ever these days with people using the internet as their tool of choice to find the help and info they need.

A strong benefit of leveraging lead generators is using their respected and recognized brand name to garner nearly automatic trust with your potential customers. It helps build your online web presence, gets you found; and in turn, makes you more money.

So, how do you make the choice between which one to use? First, decide what’s important to your business. Then decide which one seems like the least amount of hassle for the most amount of gain.

Consider these five things when choosing a lead generation site.

  1. Does giving up control of your information bother you? Some well-known lead generating companies will list their phone number in place of your company’s, leading a potential customer to be connected to the site itself instead of your business. This is bound to annoy business owners who want their leads to reach them, especially when the customers think that’s who they are calling and don’t expect to be redirected somewhere else. It’s buried in the terms and agreement, but it doesn’t make it feel any less manipulative.
  2. Look into how leads are handled. Is there a fee? Often there is but not always. We don’t charge for leads, but it’s pretty common for lead generating platforms to do so. Some will allow you the ability to switch leads on and off if you don’t need them at the time or are trying to save money. But, you’re still paying for people who may or might not become paying customers.
  3.  Another thing to look out for is how bad leads are taken care of. People like to shop around for the best price, but you don’t want to pay money to give a quote that isn’t going to pay you. You also don’t want to pay for a lead that’s being sold to multiple pros. Some platforms will reimburse you, but if you can find a platform that’s hassle free, where you don’t have to deal with lead fees and reimbursements, then that might be easier.
  4.  If the platform isn’t a paid lead model, then it might be a subscription model like Angie’s list. A monthly subscription fee will give you leads in a specific area, and you’ll be charged a different amount depending on what service industry you serve. The month-to-month rate can go up at any time, and if you want to be listed in multiple areas, you’ll be charged more. Some platforms, like, don’t charge a subscription fee and only make money when service professionals close a deal and get paid by a customer.
  5.  One last thing, look into the extras. What are you given? Do you get marketing for your business? How so? Does the platform make your job easier? Does it make it easier for customers to find you and do business with you? Does it feel like a partnership with the platform you’re using, or are you left feeling like you’re being taken advantage of and the success of your business is the secondary concern?

Do you want the competitive edge in your industry?

Take these questions into consideration when shopping around for ways to grow your business. Having the help you need to find quality customers is important to stay competitive in today’s service industry. And, getting the power of the right platform behind you is a great step in getting ahead!

If you want to partner your business with a powerful lead generation platform, then connect with today! Get free leads texted right to your phone. Choose the jobs that are a good match for your business and don’t pay a thing until you get paid! We won’t waste your time and charge you for it.