The Best Contractor Review Site in 2018

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Scott Kirschner

Jan 19

Learning how to find the best contractor review site in 2018 is a fantastic start to ensuring your home repair project goes swimmingly. It’s important to vet a residential contractor before hiring them.

After all, who wants to deal with a contractor who doesn’t show up, overcharges, is a mess with communication or leaves your home in worse condition than it was previously? Consulting a contractor review site before settling on a contractor can save you time, money and a headache when all is said and done.

Home repair is an endeavor that can bring about unexpected snafus, so hiring a reliable residential contractor is a necessity. Thankfully, there is a contractor review site that is free to use and will do the legwork to find you the right contractor for your project.

Continue reading to learn about the best contractor review website and then learn why it’s the best contractor review site.

Start Using the Best Contractor Review Site Today

The best contractor review site to use in 2018 is is the best way to find contractors that have already been reviewed and pre-screened for a great track record.

Instead of needing to search through home contractor reviews, we do that work for you for free and then send you free quotes from experts in your local area. So, whether you need a roofing contractor, HVAC contractor, or need general home repair or installation work, we have you covered.

When you use, we vet all of the contractors on our site so you can rest assured that you’ll find the most reliable contractors in your local area.

Here’s how to find a reputable home contractor with great reviews in your local area:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the form with your contact information
  3. Indicate the type of project in the Project dropdown list
  4. Indicate when you need the service (choose As Soon as Possible to get the first available pro in your local area)
  5. Receive multiple quotes from a reliable service expert near your zip code today

Why Else Is the Best Contractor Review Site? is the best contractor review site because we do the legwork for you on vetting a contractor. However, there are plenty of other reasons why is the best contractor review site. 

Below, we outline why it’s advantageous for you to choose over any other residential contractor review site.

1. Chat Online With a Reliable Contractor Near You: When you use as your preferred contractor review site, you get to chat with your contractor via instant messenger.

No phone calls are necessary, and you can refer back to your conversations on our mobile app or website. Keeping a record of conversations and appointments is easy when you use!

2. Pay Your Home Contractor Online: Another reason why is the best contractor review site is that your transactions are easy! Online payments are now possible when you use to hire a pro. This makes the payment process easier for both you and your contractor.

You just pay your HVAC pro through our website via credit or debit. Aren’t you excited to ditch the cash and checks?

3. Dispute Support: If a dispute should arise between you and your contractor, we will assist in resolving the issue.

4. Receive a 90-Day Service Guarantee: Our 90-day service guarantee makes the best way to find and hire a home contractor near you. If you’re not satisfied with the work your contractor does, we will make it right within 90 days of the service date.


The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Jan 19

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