Top Tips On Social Media for Residential Contractors

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Scott Kirschner

May 1

It is no easy feat working for yourself and building a brand off the services that you provide. We get it, you’ve worked hard mastering your skills and are confident enough to start taking work as a residential contractor. These days it takes more than just a great skillset to succeed. Even when it comes to residential contractors, no one can escape social media’s clutches! A social media presence is a must-have in order to help further promote your business and services.

In this article, we will provide basic tips that will help you start and enhance your social media presence. So, keep reading for social media tips for residential contractors.

Starting social media for residential contractors

If you are a residential contractor who is new to social media, don’t worry. It is fairly easy to set up and one way to get creative with visualizing your brand. Follow the easy steps below to get started with social media for residential contractors.

1. Create a business profile with the most popular social media sites and applications. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. For ease of social media posting, connecting with followers, and keeping up with account information, connect all social media accounts together by using the same handle.

2. Add important business information to your profile e.g. an address or location, services provided, and a filled out about me or bio section.

3. Populate each social media account with relevant pictures and videos that will promote your brand and help people visualize what you offer. For residential contractors, this could mean a photo of your logo, videos of your services in action, or projects.

Building your social media for residential contractors

Now that you have created social media accounts for residential contractors, it’s time to actually build your presence: first by creating brand awareness that will turn followers and likes into actual leads — then, by scaling up and using advanced tools to help spread your online presence wider.

Consistent posting

The key to gaining more followers and likes on your social media for residential contractors is through consistent posting. People use social media multiple times a day. This is a good opportunity to update your social network on what is going on with your business.

The more active and engaging you are on social media, the more your network and your network’s network will be in contact with your social media pages. You never know, the day someone is looking for a residential contractor, they could scroll past your page promoting residential contractor services.


It is important to add a call-to-action, or CTA, to almost every social media post for residential contractors. A call-to-action is usually put at the end of a post—asking for likes, shares, mentions, or comments. Maybe you’re asking your followers to sign up for your newsletter or it could be as simple as asking a question like, “what material is your roof made of?” Prompting people to engage with your profile will help further build your network and following.


They may seem silly, but hashtags are a very effective way to build up a social media presence for residential contractors. Hashtags are a way for potential customers to find your page through relevant hashtags/keywords related to your posts and the purpose of your social media profile.

Research hashtags that competitors use, and consider using hashtags with less use than others as not to get lost among all other profiles also using that hashtag. You should also consider using location hashtags. 

Get Free Leads With

Along with social media, is a great online tool to help get free leads for residential contractors. Just like social media for residential contractors, you create a profile for your business. However, with, you can automatically browse projects, easily send quotes, and receive qualified leads straight to your email from project managers.


The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

May 1

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