Siding Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

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Scott Kirschner

Apr 18

If you’re browsing siding ideas for ranch style homes and you haven’t yet found the perfect siding material for your exterior, you came to the right place.

Ranch style homes are all the rage. They offer easy, one-floor living,  and their modest aesthetic can be complemented by choosing the right siding.

In this post, we’ll show you unique types of siding you can put on a ranch style home to add curb appeal. This can increase the value of your home and generally improve the appearance of your humble abode.

Continue reading to discover different siding ideas for ranch homes. You’re sure to find one that will fit your personal style preferences!

Best Exterior Siding Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

Rustic Siding


When it comes to achieving a rustic look, stucco might be your best bet when it comes to easy and affordable siding ideas for ranch style homes.

Stucco is essentially a cement plaster made from water, lime, sand, and cement. Take note that modern stucco might contain other additives depending on the type of pre-made product you opt for. Which product you choose just depends on your preference.

Better yet, you can make stucco yourself!

Achieve that worn, old-world charm with stucco that has been given a lime wash. Or, you can really get creative by adding interesting texture. You can even adjust the volume of stucco that is applied to achieve various looks, and the method of application can vary depending on the style you want.

To go a step further, color the stucco siding you use on your ranch house to fit the theme of your choice.

Some types of unique texture ideas for stucco siding include the following:

  • Sand
  • Dash
  • Cat Face
  • Spanish
  • Lace
  • Travertine
  • Smooth
  • Scraped
  • Worm
  • Santa Barbara

Stone & Brick

Stone is another classic when it comes to rustic siding ideas for ranch style homes. It looks sophisticated on one-level homes and adds a cozy touch.

Stone-veneer siding is a great alternative to full stone. It is a popular rustic siding idea for ranch style homeowners who want the look of luxury, but not the price. This also applies to faux stone made out of urethane hard coat and foam composite material, a synthetic that mimics stone in both a visual and tactile way.

Brick-veneer siding is another sound choice. It will also add that classic look to your home without the work required to build the structure of the entire home from real, full bricks. You have plenty of color choices when it comes to brick, making it one of the best siding ideas for ranch style houses.

Wood Look Vinyl Siding & Fiber Cement

Wood look siding is one of the best siding ideas for ranch style homes. Faux wood and fiber cement siding are made to look like real wood cut from a tree, including the grain and imperfections.

You can even get that popular reclaimed wood look from faux wood manufacturers.

This is achieved by combining synthetic materials and sometimes even using real wood as the mold to shape it. It is extremely realistic and even has the feel of real wood panels.

If shakes are more appealing to you than panels, you can get vinyl shakes that give a cedar look without the price and maintenance of the real thing.

If you opt for boarding and panels, they come in various widths so that you can achieve many different styles depending on the wood you choose and the direction you place it in.

The nature of wood gives you the flexibility to come up with endless siding ideas for ranch home exterior design.

For example, narrow and horizontal wood boarding will give your home a modern facade and can give the appearance of extra width. Vertical wood boarding can make a ranch style home look taller than it actually is, which might be beneficial if you want to add more curb appeal.

There are truly so many different methods for siding your ranch-style house with wood to achieve specific looks. Board and batten, for example, is a special technique for wood siding that will give your home a barn-like feel.

The possibilities are endless!

Metal Siding

When people consider metal siding ideas for ranch homes, they often think it will look too industrial or sterile for a residential property.

Metal siding definitely isn’t everyone’s thing, but when done right, it can make a ranch style home turn heads for the right reasons.

The truth is, so much can be done with steel. This includes various textures, colors, printed patterns and weathered effects. Copper siding, while fairly expensive, also makes for a unique siding idea for ranch style homes—especially in that it will weather to a blue-green patina.

Combining metal siding with wood siding adds interest to various parts of the home and will actually soften the metal look, adding warmth and a touch of rustic to the exterior of the house. This has recently become very popular amongst homeowners.

Concrete Siding

Concrete is gradually becoming one of the more popular siding ideas for ranch style homes.

Whereas multiple story homes made of concrete siding can begin to resemble skyscrapers. Concrete siding with ranch-style homes has their own advantage.

Because of their limited height, they can pull off that trendy architectural style without going full-on city.

One benefit of a concrete home exterior is that it’s affordable, and it can be mixed with color to match your preference. Concrete is another material that nicely complements wooden panels to achieve a modern look.

Siding Installation for Ranch Style Homes

After finding the perfect siding for your ranch style home, contact to a find local siding professionals to help with installation. is a great resource to find verified siding installation professionals. With the app, you can easily get a quote, work with a project manager, and when the project is completed and you’re completely satisfied, you can conveniently pay with a credit or debit card within the app.

Get started by going to to start a project for siding installation.


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Scott Kirschner

Apr 18

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