The Most Popular Roof Types For Traditional Homes

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Scott Kirschner

Aug 31

There are many elements that dictate what style home you live in, but one of the most apparent is your roof type. Traditional style homes can have various roof types, but there are a few roof types that are more popular than the rest. Whether you live in a colonial style home, ranch style home, Tudor style home, or the like, your home style falls within the bounds of what is considered a traditional home style. Keep reading for the six most popular roofs for your traditional home design and what to consider when choosing a roof type.

The Top Six Roof Types For Traditional Homes

1) Bonnet roof type

A Bonnet roof type can be made from nearly any type of material, from shingles to metal to natural stone. The style of roof is double sloped with the lower slope having less of an angle than the upper slope. While this roof style is not commonly used in a modern home design, the overhang from this sloping roof provides protection for porches and can also help protect walls from water damage. This roof type is an excellent choice, especially if you have a wrap-around porch that needs covering.

2) Combination roof type

As the name suggests, the combination roof type incorporates various roofs on the same structure for both aesthetic and practical reasons. This roof style uses a combination of materials, but where these materials meet is where many issues, particularly weather-related, occur. So, when you are working with your contractor on designing your roof, be sure to do extensive research when choosing the combination of roof types you would like to use.

3) Gable roof type

The triangular-shaped gable roof type is one of the most popular roof types in the United States. One reason for this is that the design is so simple, which makes it amongst the cheaper roof types to install. In addition to their simple design, the angles that make up the gable roof types make them extremely weather resistant and allow more ventilation. Keep in mind that the gable roof type may not be ideal for homes that are located in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes and strong wind. Gable roof types can be made with nearly any type of material. Seeing as gable roofs are budget-friendly and customizable, they are an excellent option for any traditional home.

4) Hip roof type

There are a few different varieties of the hip roof type. Whether it’s a simple hip roof, cross hipped roof or half hipped roof; hip roof types have slopes on each side, all of the equal length and meet at the top to form a ridge. Hip roof types are stronger and more durable than many other roof types because of these ridges. These types of roof can be made with nearly any roofing material so they can be customized to fit any style home, particularly traditional style homes.

5) Gambrel roof type

Gambrel roof types, also known as barn roofs, have two sides made up of two different slopes. Gambrel roofs are commonly found on barns, farm houses, log cabins, and other traditional style homes. This is because it is simple to design and provides extra living space, e.g., an attic, because of the sloped design. A gambrel roof is a style to consider so long as you don’t live in an area that regularly experiences heavy snowfall or strong winds. Depending on the home style, the materials used can vary.

6) Saltbox roof type

The asymmetrical saltbox roof type is commonly found on a variety of colonial and Cape Cod style homes. The saltbox roof, again, can offer more space to a home for less money. The sloped style of the roof makes water run off easily, so this roof type is quite durable in a variety of weather conditions. One of the downsides to this roof type is that its design can be complicated, which can lead to higher costs, but you can use nearly any material, so prices can vary.

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Aug 31

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