How To Modernize Your Home in 2018

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Scott Kirschner

Jan 23

In this post you’ll learn how to modernize your home in 2018 for both style and functionality. Whether your home was built in the 1800’s or your decor is stuck in the 1970’s, it’s time for a fresh start.

Say goodbye to avocado green paint, linoleum kitchen floors and your mother’s old furniture. Our tips will help you turn your home into an ultra-modern retreat that you look forward to spending more time in.

Continue reading to learn how to modernize your home in 2018 in the simplest of ways.

How to Modernize Your Home for Appearance & Function

Become a Minimalist

If you’ve been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the latest Pinterest or Instagram photos of modern home design, one of the commonalities of the various photos you see on the web is a minimalist approach to decor.

Make Space

The first step toward modernizing your home is by getting rid of excess and keeping only what you absolutely love. That will help you make space and achieve that minimalist look, and it’s how to modernize your home in the easiest way possible.

While becoming a minimalist isn’t the easiest mental hurdle to jump, you’ll enjoy it in the long-run.

Do you really wear all of the clothing and accessories you own? How many knick-knacks do you really need? Donate what you don’t use.

Are your bathroom toiletries hosted on your counter or do you have twenty different ones in your shower? Hide them away in a storage solution such as a built-in medicine cabinet or a linen closet. The same goes for displaying mail, spices and various appliances on your kitchen counters. Put it all away!

It is also helpful to ask yourself if you truly love your furniture. Parting ways with cheap-looking, outdated furniture will also help you make room for higher-quality modern pieces that you love.

Revamp Your Colors

If you’re the victim of inherited pink bedroom walls and avocado green tiles, it’s no wonder you’re searching for information on how to modernize your home!

It’s time to come up with a new color palette.

To modernize your home, use neutrals. If you want to use color, use extremely muted ones and remember that the paint always looks darker when it’s on your wall versus on the paint swatch.

Whites, very light beiges and grays are always safe bets.

If you must have bright color, keep it to one accent wall—but make sure you’re willing to commit to matching your other decor in the room to that wall.

Oh, and try to keep color off of the floor unless it’s on a modern area rug!

Be Deliberate When it Comes to Decorations

Make sure your decorations are part of a theme as opposed to a hodge-podge of various collectibles from over the years. This is one of the golden rules of how to modernize your home.

Decor elements such as lamps, pillows, throws, vases, ottomans and picture frames (as well as the pictures inside of them) should jive with the modernization of your home.

Focus on Shape

Geometry is deliberate in modern home design. Pay attention to the angles of everything from your kitchen chairs to your bathroom sink.

If you make sharp edges a priority in your home design, be sure to incorporate a few soft textures and curves to slightly soften it. You don’t want to overdo it one way or another!

Open Up Your Floor Space

If you really want to know how to modernize your home, make more open floor space.

For example, is there a wall separating your dining room from your kitchen? Knock that wall down! This really doesn’t take a whole lot of work, and it will do wonders for achieving that modern, open look.

Fluidity is key.

Implement Smart Home Technology

Smart thermostats are all the rage—and for good reason. You can hook up a smart thermostat to your existing heating system and benefit from lower electricity bills and increased comfortability.

Read our article on The Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home to read more about the benefits of smart thermostats and the most popular brands you can choose from.

Need a Contractor to Help Modernize Your Home?

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Jan 23

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