These Are The Most Popular Roof Types For Modern Homes

Residential roof types explained

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Scott Kirschner

Aug 14

A home may not just be four walls and a roof, but your roof type is a very important aspect to consider when building or renovating your home. If your home has a more modern design, consider these five roof types. Keep reading for the five most popular roofs for your modern home design and what to consider when choosing a roof type.

The Top Five Roof Types For Modern Homes

Butterfly roof type

Butterfly roofs should be made using a solid membrane with no seams in order to keep the roof type watertight. Alternatively, this roof type is popular for eco-friendly homes and tropical homes so you may consider using metal, organic materials, or solar panels to construct this roof. The Butterfly roof gets its name for its V-shape, giving the effect of a butterfly’s wings in flight. So, why are butterfly roof types ideal for modern homes? Butterfly roof types provide the ideal foundation for environmentally friendly home design i.e. solar panels.

Curved roof type

The Curved roof is often seen on modern and unique homes. The amount of curve on a curved roof type can vary but are aesthetically pleasing regardless of how much curve they have. Curved roof types are extremely customizable and are often designed by your architect or builder. As you could likely guess, metal is the best material to use for the curved roof because it can be bent into any size curve. So, why are curved roof types ideal for modern homes? Aesthetically, curved roof types have a very modern and futuristic look. The lack of edges and angles differentiate the curved roof type from traditional roof types.

Flat roof type

Flat roofs are generally used for commercial buildings, but they are becoming more popular for residential homes. While flat roof types appear to be completely flat, as the name suggests, they actually have a slight pitch that helps significantly with water runoff and rainfall. In addition, flat roofs can also provide additional outdoor living spaces that curved roofs and angled roofs can’t offer. So, why are flat roof types ideal for modern homes? Well, flat roof types pair perfectly with green roofs—a roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Sawtooth roof type

The sawtooth roof, similar to the flat roof style, used to exclusively be used in commercial and industrial designs. Now, the sawtooth roof style is used in the modern home design. The sawtooth roof style can be described as alternating parallel pitched roofs where the steepness alternates. Sawtooth roofs can be made from a variety of materials; from wood to steel to concrete. Sawtooth roof types are ideal for modern home designs because of the combination of varying angles and natural light pair perfectly with eco-friendly features i.e. geothermal heating systems, radiant heating systems, solar panels, etc.

Skillion roof type

The Skillion roofs are typically used on home additions, sheds, porches, etc., but more recently, skillion roof types are being used in modern home designs for their sleek look. The design for skillion roof types is also great for installing solar panels. Skillion roofs consist of a single sloping roof which is generally attached to a taller wall. Skillion roof types can be viewed as a flat roof’s more angled cousin.

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Aug 14

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