How To Install Your Nest Thermostat

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Scott Kirschner

Dec 22

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly standard in modern-day households, and the Nest brand smart thermostat is the most popular of them all. If you received a Nest thermostat over the holidays, or if you just haven’t gotten around to installing the one you already have, we’re here to help!

The installation process is relatively simple but requires guidance and attention to detail if you want to get it functioning right the first time. So, if you aren’t a self-proclaimed electrician or a DIY project pro, you might want to hire a pro at to do it for you.

Instructions For Installing Your Nest Thermostat

1. Turn Off Current System

If you decide you want to take on installation solo, the first thing you need to do is verify that your home is compatible with Nest. To do this, first turn off your current system. Make sure it’s fully powered off by changing the temperature drastically and seeing if it starts up again. If it doesn’t, remove the cover to your current system so the wires are exposed.

2. Check Wire Compatibility

How to tell if a Nest Thermostat is not compatible with your home:

  • If your wires have a high voltage warning, then a Nest is not compatible with your system.
  • If your wires are unusually thick, then a Nest is not compatible in your home.
  • If your wires are stranded (if there is more than one wire inside the connector), your system is not compatible with Nest.
  • If you have a proprietary wire system, then a Nest is not going to work in your home.

3. Take Note of Your Wiring System

  • Before you unplug the wires on your existing thermostat, be sure to take a photo of the way they are situated. You will need this when installing your new Nest system.
  • Visit Nest’s Compatibility Checker to enter your wire information. This will guide you through the rewiring process.
  • DO NOT use your wires’ colors as a guide for installation. Particularly in older homes—colors do not necessarily have uniform meaning.

4. Remove Your Old Thermostat

  • Carefully remove the wires from the thermostat and pull the thermostat out of the wall.

5. Install Your Nest Thermostat

  • Using the level on the base plate of your Nest device, thread the wires through the plate and make sure it’s completely level.
  • With the screws and screwdriver included in your package, screw the base plate into place.
  • Using the wiring diagram and the image of how your wires were previously installed, insert your labeled wires into their corresponding ports.
  • Connect the display screen to the base by aligning plates and plugging the display into the base plate port.
  • Turn your thermostat on and update the settings on your new smart thermostat!


A smart thermostat, such as a Nest thermostat, can make your life a whole lot easier post installation. Just like Ikea furniture, the hardest part is the set-up, so rather than follow step-by-step directions, the best way to save time and stress is to contact Whether you hire from the start or realize installation is a bigger project then you wanted to take on midway through, the pros at will be with you every step of the way!


The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Dec 22

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