HVAC Advertising for a Family-Owned Business

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Scott Kirschner

Apr 6

It’s all there—the tools, the experience, even the labor. The only thing that’s missing is the clientele to make it run like a well-oiled machine. Running the business is the easy part, being able to successfully create HVAC advertising for a family-owned business can be the hard part, especially when it’s not your expertise.

If you’re just starting a family-owned business or revamping one that has been in the family for generations, it is important to stay current on the latest marketing trends to help in HVAC advertising. Trying and testing new methods will help you find what really works for your particular business.

Though it may seem like an overwhelming task at first, taking control of HVAC advertising for a family-owned business can be rewarding when you start to see the techniques you use bring in qualified leads.

Learn from this post a variety of tips to help in HVAC advertising for a family-owned business. No matter if you’re looking to catch your first customer or looking to scale up an inherited family-owned business, HVAC advertising can be a simple branch of the business that can easily be accomplished. Keep reading for tips on advertising for a family-owned business. 

Tips for Advertising for a Family-Owned Business

1. Social Media Advertising

These days, rather than relying on traditional mediums like broadcast television or radio to reach an audience, your best bet in finding potential leads can be found on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Creating a social presence is just a jumping off point to social media advertising. This can be done by creating a business profile on the most popular social media sites. This will be a digital hub where potential clients can easily find general information, monthly specials, brand awareness, and past customer reviews. 

Maintaining an active social presence includes regularly posting, updating of profile features, and engagement with potential, past, and current customers.

Also, take advantage of the more effective social media business tools for advertising. Including paid ads for Facebook, paid Google search, and many more. To start, create a Facebook Business Profile page with Facebook’s easy to follow, step-by-step guide. It’s time to start getting your business seen by more potential leads!

2. Customer Reviews

Let your past satisfied customers help you do the HVAC advertising for your family-owned business.

Make sure that happy customers of your HVAC business write a quick and short review of your services that can be used for testimonials on your business website and social media pages.

Create a simple template with an area to write a small note and send to each client after service has been completed. Encourage reviewing your family-owned business and services on sites like Facebook and Yelp. The longer, more specific and positive the note, the better.

3. Networking Through Professional Contacts

Leveraging HVAC advertising for your family-owned business can be as simple as each member of the business going through their own personal and professional contacts.

Depending on the type of contact information—whether it be a phone number or email address—there are many ways to reach out and successfully advertise to your network in a way that is not obtrusive.

For email contacts, create a newsletter or email marketing campaign to send to a compiled list of personal and professional emails. A newsletter or an email marketing campaign are great ways to promote your services, events, social profiles and creating a call to action. Examples of call-to-actions (CTAs) would be: asking to share your services with their network, following your social media pages, or creating a referral program that offers discounts.

Phone numbers involve a more personal and intuitive interaction. Calling contacts could include gauging interest, gaining a rapport and asking for help, which is no easy feat. Hiring someone that is interested in sales to help out and create a pitch, make calls, and ask for referrals is a great use of telephone contacts.

4. Create a Free Profile on Service.com

An easy and free way to get leads straight to your phone is through service.com. Get started by registering your family-owned HVAC business on service.com and instantly connect with qualified leads.

Download the free app and search projects in your area. Chat with qualified leads and easily send quotes. With service.com, you don’t have to worry about sending invoices and fussing with cash—customers can easily pay with a credit or debit card through the app.

Just by creating a profile on service.com, the HVAC advertising for your family-owned business is practically done for you.

Get started on service.com today and register a family-owned HVAC business for free to get leads straight to your phone. Now you can focus on running your local service-based business.

Don’t forget to get started on our #1 marketing tip today and register as a pro for free at service.com.


The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Apr 6

Being the Marketing Director at service.com Scott works on automation for e-commerce as well as creative design. In his free time Scott plays in several bands around Detroit, MI. He enjoys backpacking through the outdoors and traveling across the world.