How to Handle Stress During Home Renovations

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Jan 1

How to Avoid Stress When Doing Home Renovations

Any homeowner who has enjoyed the beauty of a new home renovation knows that beauty didn’t come without a price. I’m not just talking about the money you’re shelling out but also the toll on your sanity.

To get through your home renovations, and to help you keep your eyes on the prize, there are a few things you can do to stay calm and carry-on. The easiest place to start is to have a realistic expectation about what can be done with what you’re working with.

Your master bedroom isn’t going to have that glorious sunset view if it’s facing east, and if money isn’t in the budget for an addition, there is only so much you can fit in an area no matter how amazing the contractor.

Stress reducing tips for making plans to renovate your home

Make a budget. And make it a solid one. Then add 10 percent above that number for the unplanned expenses that will happen.

Mistakes add up, as do the costs that come with them. A paint color you thought you’d love looks like something a baby produces instead, or the measurements you thought were spot on for the new appliances were a little short, and now your trifecta of stainless perfection is sitting in the middle of your floor.

Hire a quality contractor. Finding a top-rated contractor is one of the best things you can do to make your home improvements run smoother. Does the pro respond to you professionally? Is he or she insured? Does this person return your call promptly? And, more importantly, is the contractor upfront about how they do work and how they require payments from you? The best way to find top-rated contractors is to use 

Patience is important. Even when you have the contractor of your dreams, you should expect to hurry up and wait from time-to-time. Items go out of stock or are shipped in the wrong color, size, or style. Also, the lack of skilled labor near you can mean having to wait for the contractor to wrangle up qualified sub-contractors to tackle different parts the job.

Making the most out of a less-than-ideal situation during your home renovation

Attitude is everything. It’s a great idea to make the most out of the inconvenience that has descended upon your household. You might not have use of your torn apart kitchen, but grilling in the backyard can become part of some of your family’s treasured memories. Or, camping out in your living room while the upstairs is being renovated can be a great time to reconnect and have fun.

Living through a home renovation is going to be a challenge for a while

All-in-all, you’re going to have to take a deep breath and let go a bit (or a lot). You should absolutely keep up with the renovation process, but do realize things are gonna get messy, and there are going to be situations beyond your control.

Taking on big home improvement projects like this require a level head and realistic expectation because a lot of chaos and mess is left behind. A contractor will clean up the big stuff, but a lot of dust and grime is still left behind.

In the end, it’ll all be worth the stress and hassle when you are savoring the new, gleaming makeover your home has had. Hopefully, you won’t sweat it too bad because you took these steps to reduce your stress throughout the renovation or remodel.

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