How to Install Rain Gutters

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Scott Kirschner

Feb 13

Learn how to install rain gutters correctly the first time! Understanding how to install rain gutters properly will help you avoid costly mistakes and the need to re-install the gutters on your home.

In this post, we will break it down so that you can rest assured you’re installing your rain gutters precisely and securely—the first time.

While learning how to install rain gutters might seem like a mere convenience, it’s actually necessary for preserving the structural integrity of your home. Flooding due to improper gutter installation or a lack thereof can ruin your roof or your foundation. This can become a financial disaster, which is why we put this post together.

Once you’re finished reading the step-by-step directions below on how to install rain gutters, continue reading through to the end to learn about

After all, you might end up deciding to hire a pro to do the job right, and in that case, is the place to go.

How to Install Rain Gutters by Yourself

1. Determine how much you need

The first step of how to install rain gutters by yourself is to determine the length of the gutters required for the job, as well as how many downspouts and attachment brackets you need for your home.

2. Make a chalk line to map out the gutters

The second step of how to install rain gutters by yourself is to use chalk to mark where the gutters will be installed. Mark out the starting point, the fascia and the endpoint for the gutter. Calculating the slope of the gutter is necessary.

Keep in mind that gutters will be attached to what is called the fascia. They will run the entire length of a roof and downwards with a downspout.

3. Take measurements & cut the gutters

The next step of how to install rain gutters in a DIY fashion is to cut the gutter to the necessary measurement so that it fits within your layout.

4. Install the brackets

The next step is to install the gutter brackets on your home. These will be holding your gutters in place. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to use the brackets in order to make them work with your specific gutters purchased.

5. Cut an opening for the downspout

You will need a jigsaw for this step of how to install rain gutters by hand. You will be using it to cut a square opening in the gutter for where your downspout will go. You will want to mark the opening beforehand.

6. Attach the end cap & downspout connector

You will need sealant and screws for this step!

7. Attach the gutter to the brackets

Since your brackets are already attached, all you need to do here is mount the gutters. But make sure that your gutter brackets are attached securely before doing so!

8. Connect the downspouts to the gutters

Make sure the downspout connector is in place for this step of how to install rain gutters. If you notice any seams between any of the gutter connections, seal them with a heavy duty sealant.

How to Install Rain Gutters By Hiring a Pro

Does the portion about how to install rain gutters yourself make you feel uncertain that you want to undertake this task? Don’t fret! There is an easy way to hire a local pro who will get the job done right the first time.

At, we will help you find a pro to install your rain gutters in no time. All you need to do is submit a brief form on our site with your contact information and what type of job you need a pro for.

Then, you’ll receive quotes from gutter experts in your area. What’s more, using makes it easy to communicate with your contractor and pay them online. We are modernizing the contractor hiring process for time-strapped homeowners like you.


The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Feb 13

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