How to Compare Costs of Home Repair In 2018

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Scott Kirschner

Jan 5

We decided to write about how to compare the costs of home repair in 2018 because there are so many homeowners that are confused about exactly what it will cost to make repairs.

With all the information available on the internet, it can get extremely confusing to get a solid and accurate understanding of exactly how much your particular home repair will cost.

You’ll find hundreds of articles and forum threads, and it’s likely that at least half of them will give you estimates that vary in price.

To learn how to compare the costs of home repair, let’s look at the factors that determine the cost of home repair for you. Then, we’ll tell you how to get accurate home repair estimates for your specific home—for free.

What Determines The Cost Of Home Repair

Area of Expertise

The first is knowing what exactly is being repaired and the specific expertise it requires to repair it. Prices will vary if you’re hiring a plumber versus an HVAC contractor. Similarly, they’ll vary based on the years of experience the contractor has.

Replacement Parts

Similarly, the costs of home repair will vary based on the brand and quality of replacement parts your contractor orders for making the repair.

If you keep running into the same problem with a specific part, material or piece of equipment, the contractor might suggest you opt for a better quality one. The cost of this will almost always be higher, which means the cost of your home repair will be, too.


Length of time it takes to make a repair will also be something to take into consideration. The more time a contractor needs to spend repairing your home, that’s less time he or she is spending on another job. You better believe this will be factored into the cost of your home repair.


If your contractor has a great reputation for quality service, and he or she is always booked, it might cost more money to hire them to make repairs on your house.

Your Zip Code

Your zip code alone is enough to drastically change the cost of repair service. You can’t compare costs of home repair from one zip code to another because it’s not always going to apply to your specific area. Your zip code’s cost of living, as well as availability and demand of contractors, will determine how much you pay for your home repair service.

How To Estimate The Cost Of Home Repair Accurately is the best way to compare costs of home repair near you, for your specific zip code. Here’s how to find out how much home repair costs near you, using

  • Visit
  • Fill out the form with your contact information
  • Indicate that you need a ‘Repair’ in the ‘Project’ dropdown list
  • Indicate when you need the service repair (choose ‘As Soon as Possible’ to get the first available expert in your local area)

The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Jan 5

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