Here Are 6 Checks in the Plus Column for Energy Star Window Replacement

There are now energy-efficient products that help homeowners reduce greenhouse gas emissions just by choosing Energy Star qualified windows.

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Rachel Polant

Sep 19

When you’ve come to the realization that it’s finally time to replace your existing windows, it’s normal to feel some twinges of panic. It could have been 30 years or more since you’ve had to deal with window replacement. The windows available on the market today are more sophisticated and so is our knowledge of the importance of being energy efficient. That’s when looking into the Energy Star program can be a big help.

Window installation is more important than a single pane window versus double hung window. There are now energy-efficient products that help homeowners reduce greenhouse gas emissions just by choosing Energy Star qualified windows. Not only that, but by saving energy, you save money and protect your home’s interior belongings too.

Here are 6 great reasons to consider replacing your old windows with an Energy Star alternative.

  1. Better insulation: Even though they are initially more expensive, they can lower your energy bill by up to 12 percent, saving you money over the years. This is due to the windows having much better insulation, eliminating the hot and cold spots in your home, which keeps your heating and cooling system from having to work harder to maintain a constant temperature.
  2. Better for the environment: Because your home’s HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your home, you are reducing the greenhouse gas emissions your home produces, making it much more environmentally friendly.
  3. Lower utility bills: The energy-efficiency also translates to lower utility bills. Not only will your bills be less every month, but you can also most likely find tax credits and incentives to sweeten the deal when it comes to installing Energy Star windows. Not just at the Federal level either, most states and local municipalities offer tax credits and incentive to install renewables and energy-efficient materials for residential properties.
  4. Blocks harmful UV rays: Because Energy Star windows block up to 98 percent of UV rays, it protects your furniture and fabrics from fading, removing the worry of fading your antique rug or favorite blue sofa.
  5. Blocks Noise: Energy Star windows are very insulated, making them great as noise reduction. Because they offer amazing sound-proofing, they are a great choice for homes in busy, noisy areas. If you don’t want the train waking up your baby every night at 2 a.m., this is your way to go.
  6. Less maintenance: The transfer of energy is minimized because of how efficient the windows are. This all but reduces the buildup of condensation, eliminating the risk of mold growth and mildew, which is great for asthma sufferers.

Finding the Best Window Company for the Job

And, just as important as the quality of the window is the quality of window contractor. When choosing Energy Star products for your home, you need to make sure the person or people installing them are the best in their industry because your windows are only as good as the installation job. You can spend big money on top-of-the-line windows, but if they were installed poorly, they are not going to do a good job of protecting your home from the elements and regulating the temperature inside your home.

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