Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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Nov 30

Searching for gas furnace maintenance tips? You’re on the right path. Maintaining your gas furnace will save you time and money in the long-run, and it could even help you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty (if you have one).

We’ll get you started with the top 7 most helpful gas furnace maintenance tips so that you never find yourself in a pickle with your furnace breaking down when you need it most.

Whether your gas furnace has been neglected in the past and you want to do good by it going forward, or you need to perform some maintenance on your furnace now, keep these gas furnace maintenance tips handy.

7 Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips

1. Take Safety Precautions

Before we give you any of the other gas furnace maintenance tips, we must tell you to take precautions.

Gas furnaces, like any other gas appliances, are subject to flammability and can even be explosive. This means that first, you need to turn off your gas furnace before you begin doing any type of maintenance.

This includes circuits connected to the furnace.

In addition to making sure your gas furnace is off, you must check for gas leaks before you do any cleaning. Leaks are dangerous and will require that you hire a service professional to take care of it.

You should completely avoid the area in which there is a gas leak until you have a professional look at it. If you have a leak and an HVAC contractor is fixing it, you might as well ask them to perform other checks while they’re there.

If you don’t have any leaks and you’ve made sure the furnace is safe for performing more maintenance, continue reading the gas furnace maintenance tips below.

2. Check Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is set to your desired temperature and the air still feels chilly, there’s likely a problem with your thermostat or the way it has been set.

While this sounds like a pretty obvious gas furnace maintenance tip, it’s the first place to check since it’s the easiest problem to fix. The thermostat itself won’t always be the cause of the lack of hot air entering your home, but there’s a chance it needs to be replaced.

3. Clean and Replace Your Filter

In order to prevent dirt and other debris from entering the furnace, every furnace uses a filter. Because dirt will eventually build up on the filter, it can hinder air flow.

We recommend that you replace the filter as needed when dirt has accumulated heavily and caused it to clog. To prevent this from happening, clean the filter system often depending on your level of furnace use.

This furnace maintenance tip will prevent the furnace from malfunctioning.

4. Clean Your Blower

When you go to clean or replace the filter, you should check the blower next. To find the blower, look for it near after the air filter. If debris has escaped the filter, it’s likely they ended up in your blower.

If this is the case, you’ll need to remove the dirt from the blower, pulleys, and belts. In order to access the blower assembly, remove the panels that cover the filter. Dampen a cloth to clean the blower.

5. Check Your Furnace Ducts

If you have forced air, this is one of the gas furnace repair maintenance tips you’ll want to pay attention to the most.

In order to prevent any damage to your ducts, make sure you clean them frequently using a strong vacuum cleaner. After you finish cleaning the air ducts, cover them so that air doesn’t enter the furnace.

6. Clean Your Venting System

Dust and debris can block your ventilation if you allow enough debris to accumulate. You need your gas furnace to be able to vent. Otherwise, this can pose a threat to you and your family.

Remove the vent cover and clean the inside of each vent using a vacuum cleaner.

7. Get Yearly Inspections by a Furnace Expert

Some manufacturers will void a warranty if you don’t get annual inspections by a professional. If you want to play it safe, hire an HVAC professional once per year to inspect your gas furnace.

This is one of the most important gas furnace maintenance tips because if your furnace is faulty, you want to be able to take advantage of your warranty if it still applies.

Get Gas Furnace Maintenance Today

Despite the fact that you now have gas furnace maintenance tips, you might still need to get professional gas furnace maintenance.

To do so, visit to request an estimate from a gas furnace professional in your local area.


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Scott Kirschner

Nov 30

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