Electric Furnace Vs. Gas Furnace: Which One Should I Get?

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Scott Kirschner

Nov 7

If you’re wondering if you should get an electric furnace versus a gas furnace, we’ll help guide you through the decision-making process so that you choose the option that is best for you.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’re considering switching to a heating method different from the one you’ve been using, this post will help you.

Continue reading to get the details on electric furnaces versus gas furnaces. We’ll outline the pros and cons of each, and we’ll also tell you the differences in cost between the two.

Electric Furnace Vs. Gas Furnace: Pros & Cons

Electric Furnace Pros

  • Doesn’t require any natural gas to heat your home
  • Doesn’t require storage tank installation
  • Lower initial installation cost
  • Quicker installation
  • Easier to maintain
  • Longer lifespan: 20-30 years

Electric Furnace Cons

  • Can increase your energy costs
  • Doesn’t heat as efficiently as a gas furnace
  • Isn’t as powerful as a gas furnace

Gas Furnace Pros

  • Lower energy bills than an electric furnace
  • Heats up the home more quickly than electric
  • More powerful than an electric furnace
  • More efficient in extremely cold temperatures

Gas Furnace Cons

  • Requires fuel storage tank installation
  • Takes longer to install than an electric furnace
  • Requires closer monitoring due to risk of carbon monoxide emission
  • Shorter lifespan: 10-20 years
  • Need to purchase an indoor coil & carbon monoxide detectors

Electric Furnace Vs. Gas Furnace Cost

If you’re curious about the difference between the cost of an electric furnace versus a gas furnace, the answer might surprise you.

The initial cost of an electric furnace will be lower than installing a gas furnace.

After all, a gas furnace requires fuel storage tanks to hold the natural gas, propane or fuel oil. The type of gas used will depend on what can be used in your area based on availability and local infrastructure.

All of this makes the installation of a gas furnace vs. an electric furnace more complicated, and therefore more costly.

However, in the long-run, a gas furnace will not cost as much as an electric furnace. The operating costs will generally be lower. This is because the electric furnace will come with higher energy bills due to the electricity use of the furnace to generate heat.

Electric furnaces are generally known to be a bit less efficient than gas furnaces.

How to Get Electric or Gas Furnace Installation Near You

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Nov 7

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