Do I Need A Furnace Tune-Up?

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Scott Kirschner

Nov 14

Furnace tune-up is one of the HVAC maintenance tasks that come with being a homeowner. If you’re unsure if you definitely need a furnace tune-up, we’ll help you by telling you some of the signs that it’s time for a furnace tune-up.

After we tell you if you need a furnace tune-up or not, we will tell you the easiest way to find an HVAC contractor who will tune-up your furnace–whether you need it now or in the future.

Furnace Tune-up: Signs That You Need One

It’s Been A Year or More Since Your Last Furnace Tune-up

One of the simplest signs that you need a furnace tune-up is that it has been a year or more since the last time you performed one or hired someone to do so.

Furnaces really don’t require that much maintenance, but a furnace tune-up is a necessary task. This is for the safety of your home (especially if you have a gas furnace), as well as for the efficiency of the furnace itself.

When you get annual furnace tune-ups, you prevent problems that can turn into major repairs.

You Smell Gas Leaking

If you smell gas leaking, this is a serious concern. Shut your furnace off, as well as your gas valve, and don’t turn any lights on or off. Contact an HVAC company right away to come and fix it.

Gas leaking is a sign that something has gone wrong with your furnace—perhaps pointing to a lack of maintenance on the furnace. This can be a sign that it’s time for a full furnace tune-up.

Airflow In Your Home Doesn’t Feel Right

If the air isn’t flowing properly in your home, it’s likely time for a furnace tune-up. Some signs that the air isn’t flowing properly include your home not heating as fast as it should, or the flow of air coming out of your vents isn’t as strong as it once was.

Your Furnace Is Protected Under Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you have a manufacturer’s warranty on your furnace, you definitely need a furnace tune-up every year. If the reasons above weren’t enough to motivate you to remain dedicated to yearly furnace tune-ups, what we tell you next will be.

Many manufacturer warranties require you to perform regular furnace tune-ups. Otherwise, they can void your warranty. Keep records of your tune-ups in case you need them in the future to prove you received annual tune-ups.

Furnace Tune-Up Service Near You

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Nov 14

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