The Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home

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Dec 19

If you’re researching the best smart thermostats for your home and you want a list of the most popular and well-reviewed smart thermostats, you came to the right place!

With smart thermostats having gained extreme popularity in the past several years, it’s tough to know which one to choose for your home. Especially since there are now more than just a couple of options to choose from!

As a homeowner, weeding through all the various smart thermostats on the market can be quite overwhelming. As it is, it can be pretty confusing to wrap your head around how the technology alone works.

In this post, we list the best smart thermostats based on popularity and favorable reviews. Keep reading to learn more and put your hunt for the best thermostat to rest, so you can finally get to heating and cooling your home.

3 Best Smart Thermostats for the Home

While there are more smart thermostats that we could add to the list below, we narrowed it down by volume of positive customer feedback for each brand and overall popularity.

1. Nest

One of the most commonly recognized names in smart thermostats for the home, the Nest was co-founded by Apple engineers and is now owned by Google. That being said, it’s not surprising that this smart thermostat rose to popularity quickly.

If you purchase one of the newer Nest smart thermostats, you can control the temperature by voice from Google Assistant, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. What’s more, you can view your energy consumption history.

The Nest will adjust the temperature of your home based on external and internal temperatures. The Nest smart thermostats also learn your heating and cooling preferences within a week. After that, they will adjust your settings accordingly.

This means that not only will your home be warmed or cooled to your typically preferred temperature, it also means your thermostat can cool or warm your home just in time for you to step foot in the house. The same goes for leaving the premises.

This conserves energy and therefore can lower your energy bill.

The Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home

2. EcoBee

The EcoBee is another smart thermostat that is classified as a learning thermostat.

It’s also Amazon Alexa enabled, and it’s the first HomeKit supported smart thermostat. HomeKit is Apple’s smart home tools suite, which allows you to control your home automation accessories via Siri.

While the Nest uses the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home and the Nest App as user control interfaces, EcoBee has an app, as well as Siri and Alexa. This is the main difference between EcoBee and Nest.

Other than this differentiator, the EcoBee smart thermostat is very similar to the Nest.

The Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home

3. Honeywell

Honeywell has been a popular household name in temperature control for several decades, so it’s no surprise that they decided to enter the market with their own smart thermostat.

While Honeywell has received great ratings, it’s important to note that if you choose this brand for your smart thermostat, you need a C wire in order for it to work.

It can also take a little bit longer to program, as they don’t have learning capabilities yet.

However, Honeywell is known to have tighter temperature control than the Nest, and this means you can keep your temperature within +/- 1 degree of your preferred home climate.

Honeywell also has more on-unit controls than the other smart thermostats listed here, which gives you more control without needing to use the app. The design of their thermostat looks a bit traditional and isn’t as slick as the Nest and EcoBee.

You can control Honeywell by voice with their own app, but the means of voice control stops there (for now).

The Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home

Need Help Installing Your Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a great addition to any home, but it won’t do you any good if it’s not set up correctly. Once set up, most smart thermostats are user-friendly — even from your smartphone — but, that doesn’t mean the setup process is simple. To get the most out of your smart thermostat, call a pro at to get it set up correctly, and remove your old thermostat safely!


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Scott Kirschner

Dec 19

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