How to Avoid Roof Repair in Michigan

Tips to avoid roof repair

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Sep 5

Wondering how to avoid roof repair in Michigan? In order to avoid needing roof repair, especially in Michigan where seasonal weather extremes are very real, you must take precautionary steps to maintain the health of your roof.

If you found this article because your roof is damaged and you don’t want to pay to repair it, we strongly caution you.

If you don’t repair your roof and it’s already damaged, the longer you wait, the more you compromise the structural integrity of the roof. This means you will shell out more money in repairs in the long run if your procrastinate repairing your roof.

Continue reading to learn about how to avoid roof repair in Michigan year-round.

Avoid Roof Repair in Michigan With These Steps

Regulate Your Roof Temp

To effectively avoid needing roof repair in Michigan, you must remain cognizant that you have seasonal temperature extremes that can affect the health of your roof.

In Michigan, the extremely hot summers can cause high temperatures in your attic. This can affect your roofing and cause damage that would require you to repair your roof. In winter, you don’t want your attic to be too hot, either. This could cause fast snow melt which might compromise the effective draining of precipitation.

In summary, you need to regulate your winter roof temperature so that it doesn’t differ much from what the outside temperature is. In summer, the temperature should be slightly cool as to not add too much heat to the outside.

Prevent Ice Dams

Another way to prevent needing roof repairs in Michigan is to prevent fast ice melt from all that heavy snowfall. This can cause ice dams at the edges of your roof, preventing drainage into the gutters. This will put extra weight on your roof as the dam causes a build up.

One way to do this is by the temperature regulation we discussed earlier. An additional way to do this is to ensure you clear icicles and rake your roof after storms.

Rake Your Roof After Storms

Avoiding the need for roof repair in Michigan is easy when you rake your roof after big storms.

Whether you experience a windstorm, an ice storm or snow storm, you need to remove any branches, leaves, snow or ice that has accumulated.

This is easier to do right after the storm. If you let it build up over time, it’s going to be more difficult to rake it and can cause roof damage in the meantime. Buying a roof rake and using it periodically is a simple way to avoid roof repair in Michigan.

Fasten Your Shingles

If you have shingles on your roof, make sure they are tightly fastened. The looser these are fastened to your roof, the more likely wind will get underneath them and rip them off.

Since shingles are there to protect your roof, you want to prevent this from happening.

Clean Your Gutters

It is important to clean your gutters regularly of debris in order to allow them to do their job. This not only will prevent roof damage, it will also help maintain the structural integrity of the rest of your home. Your foundation is also at risk when you don’t take proper care of your gutter system.

Gutter cleaning is especially important before winter starts. You don’t want all the leaves building up in your gutter and then snow piling up on top of them. It will affect the functioning of your gutter system.

Inspect Your Roof Periodically

Hire a professional to inspect your roof periodically. In Michigan, frequent roof inspection is very important due to the temperature extremes experienced throughout the year.

Make sure you hire a reputable roof inspector.


The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Sep 5

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