An Upward Slope: Advanced Roofing Technologies of the Future

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Scott Kirschner

Aug 1

New advanced roofing technologies go through three stages before being available to the public.

First, the technology needs to be developed and tested. Then, it needs to be adapted for home roofing. Finally, its price needs to come down so that the technology is affordable to homeowners.

Because of these stages, the roofing industry is hesitant to use advanced roofing technologies. However, most homeowners look forward to modern homes, which is why roofing professionals need to know about the four latest trends in advanced roofing technologies.

Advanced Roofing Technologies for Pre-Construction

Aerial Imaging

First on our list of advanced roofing technologies is aerial imaging.

Combining property measurement reports with an aerial view of the house helps roofing professionals improve their estimates of materials, have a better understanding of the risks involved with the project, and refine the planning process altogether.

With drone prices dropping constantly, aerial imaging is a must for both small and large roofing businesses. For less than $200, professionals can offer their roofing leads a modern service that is almost guaranteed to close the deal.

Building Information Model (BIM)

Another item on the list of advanced roofing technologies is Building Information Modeling (BIM).

This tool uses a computer software to produce a 3D digital model of the house. BIM is extremely practical when combined with aerial imaging since it can give homeowners a complete understanding of their home, and it can give roofing professionals extra information about the project.

Although it might not be affordable or even necessary for small roofing businesses, BIM is essential for roofing projects that involve partnering with construction companies to build new structures.

Advanced Roofing Technologies Used During Construction

Solar Panel Shingles

When thinking about advanced roofing technologies, it’s impossible to ignore solar roof technologies. Just a few years ago, the cost of solar panel shingles was too high for most people to even consider installing them on private homes.

Today, solar roofs are common.

The increasing demand for green energy and the fact that they lower electricity bills have made solar roofs a very popular item. Roofing professionals must be prepared to give advice on whether a home is suitable or not to install solar panels.

Smart-Opening Skylights

Last but not least in our list of advanced roofing technologies are smart-opening skylights. This is one of the latest products to be introduced in the roofing industry. These skylights are completely powered by solar energy, and they respond to different types of weather in order to open or close correspondingly.

Unlike solar panels, homeowners might not be aware of the existence of smart-opening skylights. When discussing a project, professionals can suggest solar-powered modern skylights if they feel the homeowners are enthusiastic about advanced roofing technologies.

How to Find Leads Interested in Advanced Roofing Technologies

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The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

Aug 1

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