How to Advertise Your Small HVAC Business

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Scott Kirschner

May 24

If you want to get serious about your small HVAC business, you must get serious about HVAC advertising. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your small HVAC business from the ground up or are ramping up your existing small HVAC business. HVAC advertising is essential to growing your business.

With immediate access to phones and social media applications, it is just as important for a small HVAC business to take this avenue just as seriously as they would print marketing.

In this article, we will outline the key steps necessary to successfully advertise your small HVAC business in the digital world and beyond for a lasting presence that will help you compete in the world of HVAC advertising.

Advertising for Your Small HVAC Business

When it comes to HVAC advertising, there is not one way to do things. Explore every possible channel to advertise your small HVAC business to see what will help you find the right customers.

Print advertising

Print is not dead—it’s just another stream to gain local or national daily news and information that many people still use and will continue to. So, it’s not a bad idea to take an ad out in your local newspaper. Better yet, research if there are any local or national home improvement magazines that target your exact customer type to do HVAC advertising with.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has become a vital resource for any up-and-coming small business to successfully advertise on. With the ability to essentially shape your brand and take advantage of hashtags to gain potential customers, social media is essentially a free advertising tool.

Other capabilities of social media marketing include the ability to instantly interact with potential customers, answer questions and receive feedback. Since there are so many social media platforms to choose from, try them all to determine the best platforms for HVAC advertising. We highly recommend Facebook and Instagram.


Giving out a limited promotion is a great way to give potential customers that are on the fence a reason to try out your service at a discounted rate. It’s easy to design promotional materials to promote your promotion—you can also do so on your social media profiles and ads.

If you find that the promotion is working well to bring in customers, extend the promotion longer and use it again during holidays and busy seasons.

Event marketing

Throw an event in your community—either for free or for donations! Throwing an event will help gain awareness of your business in the community. Depending on your budget, the event could range from a small demonstration with the collaboration of a home improvement store, or a large scale attraction with games, drinks, food where you can hand out free promotional material.

HVAC Advertising with

The best way to advertise your small HVAC business is with Start now with these easy steps below.

  1. Download the free app from your phone’s app store
  2. Register your business on
  3. Browse projects, chat with leads and send quotes
  4. Work with a project manager on each project to stay organized
  5. Get paid instantly with online invoicing

The avatar of Scott Kirschner

Scott Kirschner

May 24

Being the Marketing Director at Scott works on automation for e-commerce as well as creative design. In his free time Scott plays in several bands around Detroit, MI. He enjoys backpacking through the outdoors and traveling across the world.